My feedback and praise for this company and for Michael is not enough.

The tragic disaster in my life began on February 1st 2019 I was planning to change my flooring and noticed my floor wonky upon looking we noticed two foot of water under are floor boards.

We contacted are insurance straight away who sent someone they had a look and put us in a hotel, then a company representing them done an inspection trough a video link and said we will contact you. After phoning them and harassing every other day 7 weeks later!!!

We was told that a loss adjuster is coming to the property to assess (which should have been done on the first week of me reporting) this made me worry has at this point I was frustrated and threatened them to me it looked like they was just fobbing me offend trying their best to blame us. I then started researching what the role of adjusters are and stumbled upon information that we could hire a loss adjuster who work for you.

I then started looking for companies and this is when I came across Public Loss Adjustors, i phoned them up straight away who allocated Michael Williamson’s, wear shall I begin Michael came like an angel he was there straight away to are aid. Even before I signed any contracts he spoke to the adjuster and told him where we stand with them. Michael took all the pressure of me has I was going through extreme stress; he took all the stress upon himself but the best bit was he new is business and role.

I was going to get thrown out of my hotel due to my insurance’s negligence but Michael sorted it out this guy don’t mess around he means business. He will bend over backward for you and the passion And drive this guy has u know he will give you 100% his best I can honestly say his the most humble and hard-working dedicated guy I have ever met he treats you like your his family and not clients I would phone him in the middle of the night to have a rant and he would listen to me and give me advice.

In the end my insurance were trying to get out of paying first but Michael didn’t let that happen he was there with all answers fighting are corner, then they offered us £6000 in the end. Michael got us £16000 from them.

Thank you so much Michael even though these words are far less for you. Anyone who is thinking twice please don’t hesitate you won’t regret it you will be in best hands possible I promise you.

Yasmeen Hussain
Yasmeen Hussain