We Work For You – Not Your Insurer

We are a CILA chartered firm* of over 30 experienced Loss Adjusters & Claims Managers with our two senior claims adjusters having over 75 years combined experience in ALL aspects of nationwide Loss Adjusting and insurance claims management.

Our team of qualified and skilled personnel comprises of individual specialists covering loss adjusters, loss assessors, desktop claims handlers, project managers, independent surveyors & BDMA or equivalent drying & restoration specialists.

We can recommend some of the leading specialised restoration companies in the UK to ensure that your property is restored to the highest of standards. This enables us to provide a 24/7 emergency call out service and related qualified and vetted building reinstatement.

Our regional offices, claim managers and contractor networks with over 100 local project management designated centres means we can offer you the client a truly national service at any time of day of night. Our UK and Ireland based 24/7 call centre staff are ready to take your call when it is needed the most when a claim event occurs, and we are able to respond quickly and professionally.

We Are Your Professional Insurance Experts

Public Loss Adjusters act ONLY for the client, independently of the insurers, providing the professional advice and protection which the client is entitled to during any insurance claim. We act as YOUR professional experienced insurance expert working in your best interests to ensure that you receive the total amount due under the terms of your insurance policy.

We provide the same type of professional service that the legal profession provide during any actions or during the settlement of any major financial event such as purchasing a home or settlement of an estate etc. Public Loss Adjusters always ask WHY would handling an insurance claim be considered any differently to these very similar events?

Very few people would consider going to court or even talking to the opposing counsel without their own professional representative being present. If you use our approved and preferred contractors we provide our professional services no fee is charged in most cases.

Public Loss Adjusters provide the same level of expert advice that the insurers will have from their appointed loss adjusters/representatives and as such you are working on a level playing field. You will receive the full settlement to which you are entitled, with experts in all areas available to argue the case if the insurer attempts to mitigate or reduce the claim value for whatever reason.

REMEMBER, if you choose to use the Public Loss Adjusters alternative method of dealing with YOUR claim in most cases we will provide their full services FREE OF CHARGE to YOU the Policyholder!

*Our 2 most senior loss adjusters are members of CILA (The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters).