There is an Extreme Weather Warning for the coming days, they are going to be filled with torrential rain, hail and thunder storms. It is expected that a month’s worth of rain and bad weather in the next two days is going to hit the United Kingdom and there will be devastating effects.

The predicted downfall is thought to be between 30mm and 50mm, which is equal to an average month of rain in the United Kingdom. As a result of this, there are major flood warnings throughout the nation and we advise that you put some safety precautions in place such as sandbags at your property.

These horrendous weather conditions can be extremely damaging – as we have already witnessed water damage earlier this summer in Alyth, Scotland. In this incident, 500 properties suffered disruptions, 150 properties were destroyed by localised flooding and travelling conditions were hazardous.

Additionally, due to the possible flood and water damage that these awful weather conditions can cause, your property could also be affected by storm damage. The storm could damage your home or business premises in numerous ways; tiles on your roof could be dislodged, your roof could collapse, a tree could fall onto your property or a brick wall at your property could be blown over and fall apart.

If your property has been or is currently damaged by water or storm damage during this period of extraneous weather conditions forthcoming, then Public Loss Adjusters can help you claim for property damages and offer you a full insurance claims management service.

Our senior Loss Adjusters have a combined 75 years’ experience dealing with claims and negotiating with the insurance companies on your behalf. We work for YOU, not the insurer, so we will use all our skills and experience to make sure you receive the biggest settlement that you are entitled to for the cost of damage repair and any other costs involved in your property’s restoration.

If you become a victim of the torrential rain, hail and thunder that is predicted for the next few days, contact the professionals at Public Loss Adjusters and let us deal with every step of the claiming process for you. Our expert claim handlers will attend any meetings of negotiation with your policy insurance company, perform a full policy examination to ensure you are fully covered and we will work tirelessly until you receive your full entitlement. Don’t settle for less; settle for your full entitlement with Public Loss Adjusters.