We are here to work on YOUR behalf to ensure you receive 100% of your insurance claim entitlement whilst our network of specialist recommended contractors reinstate your property. We can manage the entire process when you need to make an insurance claim, leaving you to put your feet up and relax whilst WE TAKE CARE OF YOU. This article discusses how the Public Loss Adjusters can help and what to do if your insurer tries to negotiate with YOU directly.


When YOU have decided to appoint Public Loss Adjusters as YOUR professional advisors and have signed the mandate authorising Public Loss Adjusters to act on YOUR behalf in relation to an insurance claim, it is very IMPORTANT that Public Loss Adjusters are allowed to deal with ALL aspects of the claim, for and on YOUR behalf to avoid any possibility of misunderstandings or similar events taking place and possibly delaying the resolution of the insurance claim.

As part of the mandate, you will have given the insurers specific instruction to deal with Public Loss Adjusters on YOUR behalf and the insurers MUST advice any intermediaries of Public Loss Adjusters appointment and deal with Public Loss Adjusters in all matters. If any queries are raised, Public Loss Adjusters will obtain the answers from YOU and present the information to the insurers representative accordingly, keeping records of ALL conversations or communications as part of the normal professional standards Public Loss Adjusters use throughout any claim situation.

The same advice a solicitor will give you regarding and matter they are representing you on applies, as Public Loss Adjusters and yourself have given the insurance company and ALL of their various representatives the written instructions to send or address ALL communication to Public Loss Adjusters on your behalf.

Do Not Communicate With Insurers Without Public Loss Adjusters Present

Therefore if anyone from the insurance company (or more importantly, anyone representing the insurance company) contacts YOU by telephone, email, letter or even calls at your premises unannounced, it is important that you MUST refer them to Public Loss Adjusters and do NOT enter into any form of discussion with them, even if it seems a simply query. Be polite, but simply tell them that Public Loss Adjusters have been appointed as YOUR Charters Loss Adjusters and are now dealing with the claim on YOUR behalf and that ALL queries and / or discussions should be addressed to Public Loss Adjusters.

ANY attempt to ‘short-circuit’ these instructions could lead to YOU being asked to accept a settlement offer which is below the value in which YOU ARE ENTITLED TO.

You may even be ‘told’ that to use Public Loss Adjusters will result in significant delays, this is simply not the case, as an FCA regulated firm we ensure that the claim is dealt with in strict compliance with ICOBS 8.1.1 which states that insurers MUST treat a customer promptly and fairly. Remember many of the insurers representatives operate under an exemption from regulations and if Public Loss Adjusters were not representing YOU, there is a strong possibility that YOU might accept a low offer which may or may not be paid quickly in any case.

If anyone from the insurance company or anyone representing them contacts YOU in an attempt to change an appointment, it is important that you MUST refer them to us to allow Public Loss Adjusters the opportunity to reschedule and YOU do NOT allow them to try and have the meeting without Public Loss Adjusters being present. If any of the above events take place, please let Public Loss Adjusters know immediately so the appropriate steps can be taken to protect YOUR interests.