Are you still waiting for your insurer to settle your flood claim?

It has now surpassed 6 months since the catastrophic events that ground regions of southern England to a halt in 2013 and early 2014. Whilst the water has now been dried out, some properties have been restored but for many residents the ordeal it still very much ongoing.

The crisis was a direct result of the UK’s increasingly unpredictable climate which lead to a combination of torrential rainfall and hard hitting storms. In result of this towns, cities and rural regions had found them self’s submerged in water. Although not much could have been done to prevent this happening there is no doubt more needs to be done in assisting the remaining residents who are still living with the aftermath of the storms.

As household and commercial properties continued to fall victim to water damages, submitted insurance claims rose to an all-time high which subsequently left the insurance providers with simply too much to handle. Insurance providers failed to cope with the sheer volume of claims there for mistakes were made and claims failed to have been processed.

To this date insurance providers are still dealing with a backlog of claims leaving policy holders with no option but to continue living in either alternative accommodation with no indication of settling back into their property’s any time soon or in some cases the very same property which has been severely damaged.

Throughout the floods people were soon realizing that they didn’t have to wait around while their insurance providers got round to dealing with them but a 3rd party impartial public loss adjusting company would benefit them immensely. We dealt with a magnitude of claims all of which were successfully settled swiftly and efficiently.

Being industry leaders who have dealt with countless flood insurance claims we know exactly what is expected from your insurance provider and the exact protocol to follow. Leasing with your insurance company on your behalf increases productivity as they know we will not allow for any unnecessary faults or complications. The great thing about appointing a Public Loss Adjuster is we work for you and not your insurer, working in your best interests to ensure your receive your full entitlement and not what your insurance provider deems an appropriate settlement.

If you have struggled through the past 6 months with empty correspondence from your insurance provider then why not call one of our experience claims handlers or loss adjusters to see how we can assist you. We will even provide our services FREE of charge if you allow is to appoint our preferred contractors to restore your flood damaged property. We will oversee the entire process making our service the only comprehensive claims and restoration service in the UK.

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