Storm, Impact & Theft Damage Repair

We offer a free loss adjusting service with our insurance claims management

In recent years the UK has suffered from the worst storms to date damaging the exterior of properties all over the country. Trees have fallen causing extensive damage, roofs have not been able to withstand the sheer power of winds and rainfall has resulted in extensive water damage. Through the storms, we have been inundated with calls and enquires as the insurance industry failed to cope with the number of incidents. During this time, we have not had a problem processing claims and restoring property back to its pre-incident state.

As well as being able to perform the most extensive storm restorations, there has been a wide range of damages to all aspects of exterior housing. We now have the experience to deal with situations one would not encounter if the weather had been stable weather throughout the year. For this reason, we believe our storm restoration experts will be able to walk on site confident they can restore and overcome any problem.

Insurance Claims Management

Impact damage

Fallen trees and vehicle collisions are the most common causes of impact damage in the UK. These types of events are very unfortunate but completely out of our hands as property owners. Once an incident occurs such as impact damage it is critical that access to the affected area is restricted or in some worst cases access to the damaged property is prohibited until our impact damage restoration specialists have assessed the situation.

If you have suffered from impact damage to your property please don’t hesitate in calling one of our professional and empathetic call center operatives who can guide you through the proceedings with what to do next and also instruct a restoration specialist in just hours of your initial contact.

Benefits To The Policy Holder


Thefts and burglaries are very unsettling and frustrating incidents. Although your insurance provider will fill you with confidence when you first take out a policy with them, often they will not maintain the same level of customer service when you submit a theft claim with them. Each and every item taken will be scrutinized resulting in a very stressful process.

Our theft claims managers will take the entire process off your hands making it simple and easy to understand. We will liaise with your insurance provider keeping you informed throughout. We will even arrange for emergency repairs to your property within hours of your initial contact.

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