Storm Damage Essentials You Need To Know

If you have been impacted by recent storm damage, Public Loss Adjusters are here to help with your claim. We can manage the claim on your behalf or even offer a little advice. If you are hesitant about how you need to proceed with a claim, do not hesitate to get in touch with our loss assessors today via our online chat, contact form, or call us directly on 08000 434 999.

Gather As Much Information As You Can

Backup Your Claim By Gathering A Local Weather Report

Insurers will typically rely on weather reports and things of this nature to evaluate how bad a storm was in a particular area. They will use this data to decide whether the weather was bad enough for an insurable event. This will help them determine if you have a valid claim and if they will pay you out for emergency work for repairs.

Having a log of when the event happened with details and pictures of the weather can help support your claim. Before carrying out emergency repairs, always try to get before and after pictures to show the damage caused. Then a report from the builder will back up the plan you have used to carry out the work.

Safeguarding Against Storm Damage

Manchester Storm

As the property owner, you need to take measures to protect the property from further damage. However, sometimes making sure that your landlord knows is enough as it’s typically their responsibility to deal with the insurer.

A property with existing damage can have more damage caused by the storm. So you are best to deal with this as soon as possible. The insurer is most likely not covering damage caused by a known problem. Although if you put measures in place, you can prove to your insurer that you tried preventing further damage during a storm, and you may still be covered.

Flood Prevention

Local councils may offer services such as flood boards and sandbags. However, you can use other methods to secure your property against floods. Such as using an Air Brick cover suitable for floods can help stop water ingress. Also, it will show insurers that you have taken steps to prevent flood damage.

There are ways to create barrier protection using some flood fences backed up with sandbags. Some flood barriers can fit door frames and gates with supporting pillars to hold them in place.

Wind Protection

Ensure that the property is secured as best you can to include items that could be blown away or damaged by high winds. If you are concerned there may be a potential problem, then having a local builder check can help as prevention can save you problems to begin with. It will show your insurer that you were aware of it and did everything possible to prevent potential damage.

How A Loss Assessor Can Help With Storm Damage

A loss assessor can ensure that you are getting what you need from your insurer in the best way possible. They will use their years of experience to provide great relevant insights based on past claims they have handled. Here at Public Loss Adjusters, we can negotiate with your insurer to ensure you receive all that you are entitled to as stated on your insurance policy.

It’s essential to make sure your insurance policy covers storm damage, as this could happen in any area at any time. As stated previously, always ensure that your property is well maintained, as your insurer may look to reject your claim if they think it’s down to damage from lack of repairs or poor maintenance.

Insurers will always try to reject a claim if they can put it down to wear and tear. In many cases, we can argue your case for you to change your insurer’s decision where we can find proof that this is not the case.

Remember, prevention is always the best policy as in many cases it can save you inconvenience in the future.

If you would like Public Loss Adjusters to assist you with a Storm Insurance Claim please get in touch today and see the difference we can make. Call now on 08000 434 999.

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