Loss Adjusters And Insurance Claims Management

Question and AnswersAt Public loss Adjusters we believe that when you need to make an insurance claim your interests must come first. We offer a free loss adjusting service* when you use one of our preferred building restoration networks. We also provide free insurance claim help and advice so that when you make a claim you know exactly what you are entitled to.

Did you know that when your property suffers from fire, flood, water or any other type of damage, your insurer will send out a loss adjuster to assess the damage?

Now that may seem as a natural procedure but did you know that the insurance company pays for this themselves? This could be seen as working directly for your insurer because technically they are paying for their services aren’t they? Your insurer could be seeking to save money by attempting to reduce their ultimate outlay. Doesn’t that worry you?

Did you know that you have the right to appoint an independent loss adjuster to work on your behalf instead?

Not many insurance claimants do this simply because they cannot afford to do so. After all you already have enough problems by the inconvenience caused when your property got damaged.

What if there was a way to hire an independent claims adjuster to work on your behalf without the need to pay them a penny?

Public Loss Adjusters have all the answers to end your nightmare because when you allow us to appoint one of our preferred builders you do not pay us a penny.

You may ask why you would want to use one of our recommended builders when the insurance company can do this with their building contractors?

Simple – The networks of building contractors we recommend are specialists in this type of building repair work. All fire and flood restoration work is completed by highly trained and experienced professionals who are fully vetted by us.

Why else would you want to use Public Loss Adjusters?

Another advantage of using our free loss adjusting service* is that we can help to get your claim settled plus any restoration work completed in a fraction of the time that your insurance company could.

Did you know that independent loss adjusters working for the public have to be regulated by the FCA whereas one appointed by your insurance company do not?

New regulations in the future will address this issue but for now loss adjusters appointed by your insurer do not have the strict regulations that an independent loss adjuster has to follow.

We are one of the only chartered loss adjusting companies* who do not take instructions from an insurance company. This results in us to be able assess insurance claims entitlement in a much fairer way because we are not in your insurers pocket and we are FCA regulated (formally FSA).

Who Are Public Loss Adjusters?

We are a loss adjusting group who offer a professional Insurance Claims Management service, dedicated to providing a wide range of services to relieve the pressures and strains a policy holder may endure during the lengthy and confusing insurance claims process. We specialise in fire, water damage and many other perils.

Our claims handlers have acquired an extensive knowledge of the industry over recent years due to the substantial increase in weather related damage caused in the UK. On call 24/7 via our national helpline, we are here to not only assist you but advise you in what is the best course of action for you.

We Work For You Not The Insurer

Public Loss Adjusters work directly for the policy holder, separately of the policy issuer, our qualified and experienced insurance claims handlers will administer professional advice to safeguard you from any problems which can often occur if the claims process is being handled by an individual with no industry knowledge.

We act as YOUR sole experienced insurance claims representative efficiently working in your best interests to make sure that you obtain the total Settlement amount due under the terms of your insurance policy.

“Professional And Highly Rated Loss Adjusters”

Our Professional and highly experienced nature empowers us to facilitate you throughout the entire claim process. Our Highly rated professionals are drawn from a variety of backgrounds which makes us a diverse and experienced service.

Each of our claims handlers and have personal strengths of knowledge within the insurance industry. This allows us to select the best team to suit your claim. When dealing a policyholder, no matter how substantial the claim is, we implement bespoke strategies and protocols to facilitate the claims process.

What We Cover

Our insurance claims management services cover a wide range of perils. We offer insurance claims help for:

  • Fire Damaged Properties
  • Water Damage
  • Flood Damage
  • Burst Pipe
  • Storm Damage
  • Burglary & Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Subsidence
  • Accidental Damage
  • Water Leak

Customer Testimonials

Yasmeen Hussain

Thank you so much Michael even though these words are far less for you. Anyone who is thinking twice please don’t hesitate you won’t regret it you will be in best hands possible I promise you.

Maya Odedra

Thanks to them we got our claim and everything worked out. They are all so friendly and honest and always there for us when we needed them on the phone or in person. Thank you so much. Really appreciate what you did for us.

Michele Desmond

Within 1 month of being appointed, he had secured an offer 10 times greater than the insurance company's original offer to us in settlement. Very professional service throughout. I would thoroughly recommend PLA.

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Why Use Our Loss Adjusting Services?

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Why Choose Us?
  • Free Loss Adjusting Service in Most Cases

  • Nationwide Company - Friendly Local Approach

  • We Only Recommend Fully Qualified Contractors

  • 24 Hour Nationwide Helpline

  • We Work For You NOT Your Insurance Company

  • Settlement Figure Higher in Most Cases

  • Option of Cash Settlement For 10% Fee

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