In order to make our company as accessible to you as possible, we are now in the process of opening a Drogheda, Co. Meath branch in Ireland. Also, to accompany the new branch in Ireland, we are designing an entirely new ‘ie’ website. We will be offering all the same services you get from our main branch, however Public Loss Adjusters Ireland is just a more localised section of our brand that will guarantee faster response times to the usually more difficult to access, remote towns and counties.

We have local numbers for various areas in Ireland, all of which will be available to find once the new website is launched. These numbers will mean you get a quicker response from a representative near you. This is one thing we truly understand is very important if you are experiencing an emergency at your home, as Public Loss Adjusters can now co-ordinate damage control far more effectively for our Irish clients.

Specialising In Irish Insurance Claims

Moreover, due to working for Ireland exclusively, Public Loss Adjusters Ireland can focus entirely on knowledge of the laws of Ireland, so the loss assessors working for you know exactly the correct and accurate way to get you your full entitlement while being in line and equal with the other Irish insurers.

Visit our Irish website here, due to be launched on 6th August: Public Loss Adjusters Ireland.