We are proud to announce that we have teamed up the the National Landlords Association (NLA) by becoming their recognised suppliers. This enables the UK largest and most trusted Loss Adjusting Company to offer insurance claims help to over 41,000 of their full time members. Being the largest membership for private landlords, NLA members range from single property owners to large property portfolios. NLA members can now be assured that we are here to offer assistance if and when required.

NLA members are assured that if their properties suffer from fire, flood, escape of water or impact damage, we are available with free insurance claim consultations to assist them with insurance claims. We can offer free advice as to how to manage their claim or do what we do best by negotiating with insurers on their behalf.

We can manage the whole insurance claims process on behalf of landlords by negotiating with insurers to ensure that NLA members receive their full entitlement. Being a busy landlord, our independent loss adjusters are able to take the weight off your shoulders at a time when you need it most.