The details below are for the Loss Assessors I used for my fire.

Although I had not heard of Public Loss Adjusters before and actually a little skeptical, I thought that a phone call was a safe gamble to get some advice. I did some research (and even got Alan to look into it too) and felt that this was going to make my life easier. Having just finally moved home, I have to say, I cannot recommend Tony highly enough. In fact I would even go so far as to say that they would be daft not to take the support as your friend wont pay a thing.

It honestly felt like someone lifted a HUGE responsibility of my shoulders and I could then concentrate on re-designing the kitchen/house. I received far more financially than I could have ever hoped to receive in addition to higher accommodation allowance, contents payments etc.

I would not normally endorse anything as I am a real picky old bat – but this was just fantastic. I also have to say that the builders, plumbers and electricians who did the work were just wonderful. I know that your friend will be doing the work himself but he needs to be cautious that he gets paid on this and Tony can help on this.

I did debate whether to include Tony on the email – but heck he really does deserve a pat on the back. I think my kidneys now hurt from having been so complimentary but I just feel so glad I had this help to get things back to normal (as they can be!).


L. B.
L. B.