Maybe it isn’t the time of year of freezing gales, harsh frosts and snow yet, but don’t worry they will come later on in the year. It’s the current climate that you need
to be aware of.

Due to a plunge in temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean, we are being threatened by a wash out summer, cold bone chilling blasts and torrential rains throughout.

Furthermore, the bizarre conditions in and around the Atlantic are causing an erratic and unstable climate for us to live in, basically its sunny one day and strong rain to next.

Well you are probably thinking, how will you be affected? Actually this will have an impact on the heat of your summer and how cold your winter is. Moreover, it is likely to cause higher temperatures on some days in summer and it is likely to cause very low sub-degree temperatures in the winter months.

Are Hotter Summers Actually As Exciting As YOU Think?

We understand that the thought of hotter summers and more snow in winter sounds exciting to many of you, but these rash changes in weather conditions and temperature can cause devastating damage to your property or properties.

Already this year, we have witnessed the devastating flood damage that occurred in Alyth, Perthshire, in which around 90 people had to evacuate their homes, 500 homes and businesses were left without power and many homes, businesses and cars were damaged beyond repair.

It is important to be prepared for the eventuality of fire, flood or any other type of property damage at your domestic or commercial premises’ by making sure you have a valid and fully suitable insurance policy taken out for property damages.

This covers you against the forthcoming extreme weather and it means that if the tragic event of property damage occurs, you can claim for a settlement for the costs for damages internally and externally at your property.

However, if you do unfortunately suffer property damage, Public Loss Adjusters are here to relieve you of the stresses of the property damage claiming process. This is because if you employ one of Public Loss Adjusters’ specialist claims handlers instead of the insurance company’s loss adjusters, they will work directly for you and not on behalf of the insurance company.

Public Loss Adjusters will work with only your best interests at heart, to ensure that you receive the full and accurate final settlement that you are entitled to.

They will gain your successful result through the use of skilled, proven techniques and procedures that they have used many times before to gain results in the claimers favour.

In conclusion, if you are experiencing property damage or if you do suffer from property damages in the future caused by this year’s predicted extreme weather, contact us now for insurance claims management, and one of our professional and highly skilled Loss Adjusters will help you.