Mission Statement

Free Claims management and loss adjusting when using our approved contractors networks

Public Loss Adjusters will work on the side of the policy holder to ensure that they receive their full entitlement.

Insurance Claims Management

Public Loss Adjusters (PLA) provide for policyholders, via Independent Loss Adjusters, a comprehensive advocacy, resource and settlement support for their claim, leading to 100% of their entitlement under the terms and conditions of their individual policy.

Public Loss Adjusters work to raise the awareness of the general public of their entitlement (when a valid claim event has occurred), to their own insurance claims advice, their own assessment of loss, their own expert advice and their own vetted contractor to carry out the works required to reinstate the property to its pre-loss condition.

Public Loss Adjusters will coordinate the claim and act as advocate for the policyholder to ensure a fair, reasonable and complete claim is submitted to insurers and resolved with the insurers or the insurers representative(s) to the satisfaction of the policyholder and the subsequent works, with your agreement, are affected by one of our approved contractors.

Free Loss Adjusting

PLA will advise policyholders of their entitlements and manage claims on their behalf, making claims on insurers without fear or favour.

Public Loss Adjusters will normally provide their full claims management/loss adjusting service free of charge to the policyholder subject to and providing the mandated instructions to insurers is signed by the policyholder. The terms and conditions must also be adhered to and are permitted to continue to conclusion with the works required to reinstate the property to its pre-loss condition being carried out by our preferred contractors.

Insurance Claim Points

The Public Loss Adjusters full claims management/loss adjusting service includes but is not limited to the following matters:

  1. The receipt of inquiries regarding any particular claim event from policyholders or others, initial assessment and advice on a particular claim.
  2. Once instructed under a mandate to appoint consultants/surveyors and to procure, survey and assess the loss and prepare a scope of works.
  3. Evaluate the claim of the policyholder and provide the specification for the works to the independent contractors for costing.
  4. To act as public loss adjusters for the policyholder and to negotiate 100% of their entitlement under the terms and conditions of their policy.
  5. Agree and settle terms with insurers for and on behalf of the policyholder.
  6. Introduce the winning bid approved contractor to the policyholder and prepare a minor works contract between the approved contractor and policyholder for signing.
  7. Negotiate and settle via the FCA regulated client account any / all payments to the policyholder, approved contractor and/or any other third party supplier.

Insurance Claims Management

If the policyholder chooses to elect for a cash settlement (to be negotiated by Public Loss Adjusters for and on behalf of the policyholder) from insurers – or elects to appoint their own contractor(s) – the professional fees due and payable to Public Loss Adjusters in the amount equal to 10% + VAT of the total negotiated settlement sum(s). These settlements will be agreed by Public Loss Adjusters on their behalf and as such will be invoiced to the policyholder and deducted from any/all settlement sum(s) as received to the FCA client account per the irrevocable mandate terms and conditions.

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