Make Use Of Our Free Public Loss Adjusting Services

The True Costs 

All claims handling or insurance mediation will carry a cost, either paid by insurers or paid for by the public/insured.

Whether it be the insurance companies loss adjuster, whose fees are paid by the insurance company to look after their interests, or a public loss adjuster appointed by you to look after your interests.

Almost all loss adjusters appointed by insurers have their own building networks either owned or managed by them, this is not true in all cases but in the vast majority and should be disclosed  to client at the outset of their claim.

Public loss adjusters work with two main restoration networks Dritech Disaster Restoration Network Ltd and The Independent Contractor Network Ltd.

We only manage these networks and have no influence over their costs, however our fees can be waved if one of our vetted contractors are used to re-instate your property. The independent contractors price all of our clients reinstatement, restoration and surveying works as they would do normally for not only insurers but also the general public.

Approved contractors on our networks have agreed to cover our fees and marketing costs on your behalf should they be appointed to undertake re-instatement works on your claim,

All public loss adjusting/ management invoices will be deducted from their contracted price.

All of our approved contractors are independently vetted for quality, customer satisfaction, pricing and client after care.

We use the support of a national independent surveying/auditing company that will ensure that all of our vetted contractors maintain the high standards we expect of them and to maintain the highest standards possible to return our clients back to pre-loss.

We DO NOT work for insurers and have no affiliation to any insurers or loss adjusters appointed by them, WE ONLY WORK FOR YOU to protect your interests.

We are more than happy to handle your claim on a cash settlement basis if this is your preferred option however insurers loss adjusters may try to reduce your settlement if you choose this route.

Our standard fee of 10% plus VAT is payable by yourself should you choose not to use our reinstatement service.