The Dangers of fireworks

Every single year, both adults and children are injured and harmed by fireworks and other pyrotechnics in the UK. But did you know that the Department for Business Innovation & Skills stopped collecting firework injury and accident data in 2005? This means that the legislation’s and enforcement’s are much harder to set due to the fact that less data is now shown.

Firework accident data shows that from 1997-2005, 1048 people on average each year were involved in firework accidents and injuries and in 2005, which was the last recorded data for firework injuries, 990 people were injured by firework accidents.

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Did you know?
  • A rocket can reach 150 miles an hour.
  • A sparkler can reach temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees which is 20 times the boiling point of water.
  • Fireworks are one of the most common causes of house fires in the UK.

Other than family and friends the home should be the most protected during any sort of firework display.

What To Do To Stay Safe

When attending a firework display or holding your own firework display, make sure the firework safety code is followed at all times during the night.

  • Always aim fireworks away from your own home to avoid damage to your house.
  • Always keep fireworks in the box.
  • Don’t drink alcohol if involved in the setting up and setting off fireworks procedure.
  • Only buy and use fireworks with the marked code BS 7114.
  • Follow instructions using any Pyrotechnics.
  • Stand a good distance from the fireworks.
  • All fireworks must be bought and set off by someone over the age of 18.
  • Category 4 fireworks should only be used by professionals.

In order to keep your house safe during firework displays make sure all the safety practices are followed, also be aware of all the potential fire risks with a plan of how to solve them in a worst-case scenario.

Public Loss Adjuster Wish You a Safe and Enjoyable Bonfire Night

At Public Loss Adjusters, we recommend that anyone who will be in the vicinity of fireworks this bonfire night or at any time in the future should take extra care and follow all the necessary procedures. One of the most important measures that needs to be followed is to make sure that any fireworks bought or used have the code BS 7114. Illegal fireworks are a huge cause of accidents during bonfire night. In addition to having the correct fireworks, make sure a keen eye is kept on the position and setting off of the fireworks.

Public Loss Adjusters hope that you all enjoy Bonfire Night and would like to remind you that if you are unfortunate enough to suffer damage to your property, we are here to help.

If your property has been affected by a fire due to fireworks, then give our specialist loss adjusters a call and get the entitlement you deserve, rather than settling for less.