Mental Health Concerns Due To Insurance Claims

New Research finds that the after effects of flooding could cause PTSD, Stress and Depression.

Experts claim that flooding can affect mental health for years after such an event. Victims of flooding have a massive 50% chance of suffering issues such as PTSD, stress and depression. Research states that a quarter of victims still suffer these conditions two years on.

Most low-income households live on tidal flood plains and according to the Mirror around 61% of these households have no home contents insurance. This creates a huge financial risk if a flood was to happen. During the most recent Flood Action Week, the environmental agency advised householders to “prepare, act, survive.”

These 3 steps could help preserve your mental health and possibly save your life. It calls for flood plain residents to prepare by moving valuables upstairs and keeping a bag of vital medicine and documents in a safe and dry place that is accessible during a flood.

Insured But Not Really Covered?

Public Loss Adjusters contacted Pam Webb who owns the Truffle Lodge in South Yorkshire. She was massively affected in last November’s floods after her spa and hotel was submerged in the floods causing huge amounts of damage.

Unfortunately, we were unable to help due to her insurance company excluding flood damage from her policy. This is why it is always best to look through your policy just in case events like these happen and make sure you have the necessary cover.

Pam had underestimated the huge impact this would have on her mental health. The Mirror was able to gather a few words from her about the effects it’s had on her.

“Doncaster council suggested getting mental health teams in after the floods, I thought that was over the top – but how wrong was I. I’ve had the stress of trying to build a business back up, to provide income for my staff and to recover my home.”

Where possible, you should always contact us before your insurer! This provides us with the opportunity to gather vital details, so we have the strongest possible claim to ensure you receive your full entitlement. 

National Helpline: 08000 434 999

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Flood Resilience

Flood resilience campaigner Mary Dhonau has been flooded 12 times, including one time where her home was filled with waist-high sewage.

She described to the Mirror that living through a flood is “the most appalling experience.” She went on to say that “When you lose your home that layer of safety is taken away from you.” Caroline Douglass of the Environment Agency had this to say to the Mirror “It’s not just the financial stress, it’s the loss of irreplaceable sentimental belongings and the strain on those effected”.

All in all, it is clear that flooding can take a great toll on mental health, to prevent and mitigate the strain on your mental health during flooding its best to follow whatever your local council advises, even if that means evacuating the area.

Click here to read the original article from the Mirror Online.

How Public Loss Adjusters Can Help

Public Loss Adjusters offer a highly sophisticated claims management service to those who need it.

In the case of Pam Webb, she was one of the many unfortunate policy holders to be denied any form of pay-out, she had lost everything. Unfortunately, her policy did not cover this type of damage. We believe she did not know this at the time of taking out the policy. This is why we recommend that everybody who takes insurance check that they are covered for all possible events.

By doing so, Public Loss Adjusters are then able to jump in an assist policy holders where insurers denying settlements based on the wording within that policy which could be interpreted to their advantage. Our job is to argue and interpret your policy’s “grey or misleading areas” back to your favour.

For large incidents, such as flooding across local communities, we believe having your own loss adjuster is vital as insurance companies will be extremely busy. Otherwise this could cause insurance claims to take longer to process.

Not only that but during a flood you need to be focused on remaining safe and not dealing with the long tedious processes that come with arguing an insurance claim. We take as much of the stress away as we can by managing your claim on your behalf. Not only do we aim to get you your full entitlement, we will aim to speed the whole process up, where possible by consistently pressuring your insurance provider.

Let Us Take Your Worries Away

With expert loss adjusters throughout the whole of the UK we are ready to help you with your insurance claim. If you feel your insurer is not being up-front or if your building repair estimates don’t match up to amount your insurer is offering, then our claims management team can help.

Our goal is to get YOU your full entitlement! We achieve this through a process that scrutinizes your policy for any clauses and small print to make sure nothing covered in your policy is missed. We also aim to settle claims a lot faster than your insurance company would.

When we act on your behalf, we manage all negotiations with the insurer. We call you and update you whenever there is new information making sure you are constantly aware of how your claim is going. This significantly reduces any stress or hassle on your behalf whenever you make a claim.

The best time to appoint us is before you make a claim however the majority of our clients come to us when the begin to face issues with the insurer. To get in touch you can make an enquiry by calling us on 08000 434 999.


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