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The personal touch with over 40 year of experience as a loss adjusterPublic Loss Adjusters offer an expert insurance claims management service. What this means for you is that you will have time to get your life back on track without worrying about the potentially difficult process of property claim management.

First, it is important that you call us as soon as you discover your damaged property. This is so we can collect your policy details so we are able to manage your claim efficiently. We also offer you advice on what you can do until local building contractors are appointed to repair your property. This is usually after we advise your insurer that immediate restoration is needed. This is especially important with flood damage, as moisture can penetrate deep into the surfaces of the home.

Public Loss Adjusters aim to have your insurance claim completed within three months of “controlled chaos”. All payments due to you are made at the end of the claim when your life is back to normal.

What Makes Us Different

We Will Manage Your Insurance Claim Entirely On Your Behalf

Our claims management experts will advise your insurer on what has happened. We then arrange for you to sign a mandate giving us permission to act on your behalf in the claim. Our loss adjusters will meet with your insurer’s loss adjusters to agree on the cost of the claim. After the insurer’s loss adjuster has evaluated the property,  you can appoint your preferred building contractors to your property.  We can also suggest specialist builders that our other clients have used and recommend. Once appointed,  they will carry out urgent building restoration and stop further damage from occurring.

When the insurance loss adjuster asks questions about the property’s condition, we can answer them all for you. In fact, we can manage the insurance claim entirely on your behalf. After the meeting between the insurer’s loss adjuster and PLA, we can recommend contractors for you to appoint.  The full building restoration process can now begin. We will help you to document all items damaged in the accident, as well as manage the restoration process completely. If you were not using our claims management service, you would have to oversee the restoration yourself.

Free Loss Adjusting

Our Expert Services Ensure the Process of Your Property Claim is Made Easy

We take responsibility for all communications with the insurer. We also provide a certificate of dryness if water damage is part of the claim. If remedial work is required during the claim, we can recommend professional building contractors to carry repair work out. If you prefer to take a cash settlement, we charge 10%  for our claims management services. At the end of your claim, you will be presented with a satisfaction mandate. This is to ensure that you are happy with the services we have provided. Our work is never completed until you are happy and the mandate is signed.

Before you employ any other claims management company, please ensure that they are fully authorised and regulated by the FCA. Read our article to find out why.

Public Loss Adjusters are working for you - not your insurer