Are You involved in an insurance claim and feel that you are not on the winning side? On the 2nd December 2018, an article published in the Sunday Times was written by James Coney. This is a perfect example of why insurance management companies like ourselves may be able to help. Although Public Loss Adjusters did not manage this claim, this is a perfect example of a claim that we can assist with.

At the center of this story is the Weldin Family. It begins in April 2017 when the family purchased a house in Devon. They were on holiday when the house suffered a devastating fire. Paul Weldin followed the normal claim route advising his insurance company Ageas of the claim.

Insurers Refuse The Claim and the FOS Uphold The Decision.

The building that they owned was originally marketed as a 7 bedroom-house. This included 2 attic bedrooms. Prior to purchase, Paul Weldin established that the attic rooms did not legally constitute as bedrooms as they lacked the building regulatory requirements. The insurer of the house was Ageas and covered it a 5 bedrooms. They refused the claim as they took the view it had 7 bedrooms and was therefore incorrectly described.

As a result, the family had to live in a tent as the property was unsafe and uninhabitable. With the claim having been denied, Paul Weldin made a formal complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). Understandably, he believed his claim would be upheld. Unfortunately, FOS refused it on the basis that it was “irrelevant whether or it was not building regulation compliant”

Receiving no help from their insurers, Ageas and the FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service) the Weldin Family then turned to the media to expose their story. This highlighted the unfairness of the decisions. Ultimately under pressure, Ageas and Paul Weldin reached a confidential compromise agreement.

Full Details of the Weldin’s Plight Before The Claim Was Settled.

Read this article published in March 2018 by telling the story of the Weldin family’s plight whilst insurers reject the claim.
Family in ‘financial ruin’ as insurers refuse to pay out after devastating house fire.

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How Public Loss Adjusters Will Make The Difference

Public Loss Adjusters are confident that had the Weldin family came to us, they would not have had the same problems? This is exactly the type of claim that we excel on. Many people simply do not know that there is help out there for them.

As a group of loss adjusters working on behalf of the public, above all we do everything in our power to assist our clients. We have helped a countless amount of clients to win a fair settlement by negotiating with insurers on their behalf.

Our role is to represent the public in claims of this nature. Above all, we ensure that justice is always achieved. Public Loss Adjusters have the professional expertise in both lawyers, surveyors and loss adjusters. This ensures the successful outcome of your claim. We are here 24 hours a day to protect you and your interests.

If you have a complicated insurance claim it’s always better to have professionals like us to work on your side. We can ensure the best outcome is always achieved.

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