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Impact Claims – How PLA Can Help You

Help with Impact insurance claimsImpact claims may lead to headaches due to the types of damage associated with impact damage claims. Moreover, the damage can range from: A tree falling through your roof to a car driving into your living room. Some insurers may shy away from paying out certain impact claims for a wide variety of reasons. Where would you begin?

With all the stress associated with impact claims, it can be a complicated claim to manage. We recommend getting advice in situations like this. Calling a local Loss Assessor or a public Loss Adjuster might be an excellent way to start. Some offer free advice, which can put you in the right direction.

Getting Advice for an Impact Damage Claim

Having a Loss Assessor helps you out by managing the claim on your behalf. Although your insurer provides their loss adjuster, they may have a bias for your insurer. A Loss Assessor provides a better valuation of damage caused for your insurer. So, suppose the insurer tries not to payout. In this case, the loss assessor can research the policy, allowing them to fight for you. Using a loss assessor can give you better peace of mind as they manage your claim. Thus, there are no expectations for you to read the insurers’ policy or manage other aspects of the claim.

The term loss assessor sometimes confused with a loss adjuster. The difference is that a loss assessor works for the policyholder. In contrast, a loss adjuster works typically for the insurer. In our case, we are a public loss adjuster that is the same as a loss assessor and different to a standard loss adjuster.

Suppose you are unfortunate enough to have an impact claim. A builders quote may need obtaining for your insurer. Because there is a slight chance they get the work after giving you the quote, You may find that many builders do not provide free quotes for your insurer.

Impact Claims Specialist

Some companies may specialise in impact claims specifically. Being a specialist may be a good thing, but with impact claims, they can be a wide variety of things. With this type of claim, they sometimes get miscategorised as the damage is not always apparent.

Impact damage can be one of the worst types of insurance claim, as it tends to affect your life a lot. It’s always good to know you’re being looked after, as you should. It may help find a general loss assessor to tell you your claim type before looking for a specialist. A specialist company may have a small team focused on a particular claim type. So, if you’re unsure, ask for advice first.

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Are All Loss Assessors Regulated?

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It’s essential to check if the company gets regulated by the FCA before reaching out for loss assessor advice. The FCA is a financial regulatory body that reassures consumers. So, they ensure all members treat their customers fair and are responsibly handling funds.

It is not a requirement for a loss assessor to be regulate by the FCA, but it certainly helps when looking for a reliable company. Becasue, the standards are quite high it can be a challenge to join the FCA.

FCA regulate most financial businesses in the UK. They are an independent public body funded entirely by the firms it regulates by charging them fees. They are accountable to the Treasury, responsible for the UK’s financial system and Parliament.

Can Public Loss Adjusters Help?

As Public Loss Adjusters is a loss assessor working for the policyholder, we have much experience dealing with many claims. We can offer advice and give you some help in understanding your claim. We registered with the FCA for your assurance of our services.

If you choose to use us as your loss assessor, we do our best to ensure you have as little stress as possible. Due to having dealt with these types of peril over many years, we have access to various contractors. Using our connections helps to save time and money, as we may be able to cover costs for quotes.

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    Absolutely the right thing to do - Get these guy's involved in your claim. I was amazed at how proficient and professional they were. They handle everything for you and advise you every step of the way.


    Amazing, fantastic! I cannot really express my gratitude to Glenn and the company enough. Trust me, I never really write reviews but if you instruct a PLA and are lucky enough to get Glenn it will be best money you have ever spent.


    Michael Williamson was absolutely fantastic when I initially contacted PLA. He ensured my claim was paid to me in full. He was instrumental in getting my claim looked at properly by the insurers agent at Sedgwick. My gratitude to you Michael. Would award more than 5 stars for your help in a difficult claim.

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