How To Make A Property Insurance Claim

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We can guide you throughout the entire claims process.

When it comes to insurance claims, it can be a complicated process. This process can be made easier by Public Loss Adjusters, who have years of experience in claims management and assessing property damage fairly.

They know every necessary action to take so that you, the customer, can gain a successful and fair settlement on your claim.

What should you do when claiming for property damage?

  • Collect all possible details of the damages.
  • Ring your insurance company.
  • Explain the situation and how the damages occurred in full detail. Do not make any guesses, and admit if you do not know any particular details.
  • Contact Public Loss Adjusters to represent you.
  • Take pictures of damage and make notes of any damaged items.
  • Wait for our assessor to come and assess the damages of your property.
  • When our assessor arrives at your property, we will discuss the events forthcoming and how your claim will be processed.
  • As your claim is being dealt with, your personal loss adjuster will contact you for updates in terms of your claim reaching a result/settlement. They will also negotiate for the correct cost of damages and move forward towards restoring your property.
  • Wait for your settlement to be agreed.
  • Your property will be fully repaired and restored by our expert recommended contractors should you choose to appoint them.

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Why contact a Loss Adjuster?

  • Our loss adjusters work for you and not on behalf of the insurance company.
  • Our loss adjuster will check every aspect of the policy you hold so you can gain your entitlement.
  • They will look and make sure the damage falls within the terms and conditions of your policy.
  • They will also check that the maximum pay out on the policy is enough to cover all damages caused during the innocent that has occurred.
  • Checks will also be made to make sure all items that should be included in the claim have been.
  • Also due to us being an independent company, we won’t reduce your pay-out.

If you want a company that work solely to earn you the customer the best possible results in terms of a settlement, and gain this result in the correct and legal manner of proceedings, Public Loss Adjusters can help you. This guide is so you can easily reference our procedure in the event of an insurance claim.

Public Loss Adjusters are working for you - not your insurer