If you live or work in Alyth, Perth, Kinross or any of its surrounding areas? You may have been affected by the recent destructive rainfall? Has it caused flood damage to your home or are you losing money because your place of work is inaccessible or has been damaged? If your property has been damage by the Kinross, Perth or Alyth flooding then Public Loss Adjusters can help you resolve these issues.

Public Loss Adjusters’ senior insurance claims management team have over 75 years of combined experience within the loss adjusting industry, and will work solely to make sure you receive the best possible outcome for your entitled to claim settlement. This successful settlement will be gained through our Loss Adjusters experience and knowledge of what is specifically required to get a positive and fair result.

As long as you are fully insured and a valid policy for property damage, Public Loss Adjusters can help you every stage of the process from the original phone call to the end result of you receiving a full and fair settlement. We will also provide you with regular updates of the flood damage help and advice and its proceedings towards to the end goal and closure you.

If you choose to appoint Public Loss Adjusters as professional claims handlers for your flood damage claim, the assigned Loss Adjuster/s will fully scrutinise your policy and make sure everything is in order towards achieving the desired result. They will also check if there is any add-ons to your policy terms that are not included as standard.

Moreover, when our specialist claims handlers will assess the small print in your policy to ensure that you are fully compensated on key point of your policy that may otherwise be overlooked without a trained eye

  • We will ensure that your personal flood damage and circumstances of loss are fully covered by the policy that you have taken out for property damages.
  • The amounts given by the insurance company and also by you the policy holder are fair and accurate to the damages occurring.
  • We will check that the maximum pay out for damages written up in your policy, fully covers the cost of the flood damage repair and any other fees included.
  • TWe will then make sure that every item of damage and any necessary extra information picked up on the initial flood damage assessment has been included accurately.

In conclusion, if have been affected by the floods in Alyth, Perth, Kinross, or any of its surrounding areas or have property near the A822 between Braco and Greenloaning that has been affected by the recent floods, call Public Loss Adjusters now on 08000 434 999.