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Did you know that when you submit a claim to your insurer YOU have the right to employ an independent loss adjuster rather than one appointed and paid for by them? Most policy holders are not aware that they have the right to the same professional advice. The only issue is who pays for this essential service. What if you could have an independent loss adjuster working on your behalf without any cost?

Public Loss Adjusters offer a free loss adjusting service* provided to you on an unbiased and impartial basis. Rather than your insurers loss adjuster deciding the outcome of your settlement, wouldn’t you prefer the outcome to be assessed independently, ensuring YOUR INTERESTS ARE PUT FIRST?

Free Loss Adjusting When You Appoint One of Our Recommended Building Contractors

Should you decide to appoint Public Loss Adjusters to handle the lengthy process of an insurance claim, *our fees are completely FREE (relative to the reinstatement costs) if you appoint one of our preferred specialist building contractors in your local area to carry out all repair works on the affected property (there may however be a charge if there is a significant contents aspect, such fees are negotiated on a case by case basis).

We have an outstanding professional relationship with many of the leading building restoration companies in the UK which enables them to provide their services at no cost to the policyholder.

Public Loss Adjusters attending two fire damaged houses

We Offer A *Free Loss Adjusting Service

Why Would I Want My Claim Assessed Independently?

An insurance policy is fairly easy to take out but the majority of the general public do not realise the real value of the policy when they experience a disaster and then need to submit a claim for that insured event.

At this point you may suddenly be overwhelmed when left to deal with your insurers by yourself. Your insurer may start referencing the complexities of what is written in the small print of your contract, informing you of what you may or may not be entitled to.

You could suddenly get the impression that your insurer may not be COMPLETELY ON YOUR SIDE or perhaps you feel that you should just take their word for it, simply because they say so, after all you may not be in a position to know any better.

Benefits To The Policy Holder

We Put Your Interests Before Your Insurers

When you make a valid insurance claim, your insurer’s initial procedure would normally be to appoint their preferred loss adjuster or claims management company to work on their behalf and evaluate the entire claim situation.

The fee charged by the loss adjuster/claim management company is paid by the insurance company. The loss adjuster will assess the circumstances of your claim and will ultimately make the decisions regarding your claim. If in their opinion any exclusions in your policy apply, they will recommend that adjustment are made and possibly repudiate or refuse the claim, possibly without due regard to the policyholders circumstances or taking all the facts into consideration.

By appointing Public Loss Adjusters to act as YOUR PROFESSIONAL ADVISORS we will productively handle all insurance related negotiations, preserving your best interests and ensuring that your end settlement is complete and 100% of your entitlement is achieved. As loss adjusters, we represent your rights wholeheartedly and act as your personal insurance claim specialist.

What Makes Us Different

Our Goal is to Ensure You’re Not Disadvantaged

An insurance company’s preferred loss adjuster will be tasked to ‘adjust’ the amount to be paid out. It is a fact that in the majority, if not almost all of the cases the adjustment is towards a lower figure. The way we differ is that we aim to do the complete opposite, our goal is to make sure you are not at a disadvantage. Each individual claim will be dealt with by a CILA member and supervised or reviewed by a qualified chartered loss adjuster.

Public Loss Adjusters are amongst the very few Chartered loss adjusting companies in the UK who choose NOT to work for any insurers. This ensures that there are no conflicts of interests. It is important to know that the regulations stipulate that loss adjusters who work for the public MUST be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) whereas any insurance company appointed loss adjusters are specifically exempt from regulations, something which we feel is unfair and biased.

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