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Public Loss Adjusters are Flood Restoration Experts

Flood Restoration Experts

Public Loss Adjusters have expert loss adjusters who have years of experience in flood restoration. This means PLA fully understand the impact of flood and water damage. From primary damage of clear water damage to unforeseen secondary damage that occurs underneath the surface such as water damage to electrical wiring. There can be many causes for water damage from flooding, burst pipes, leaky boiler even a faulty washing machine.

The full extent of water damage is hard to detect. It is imperative that you make use of a loss adjuster who has extensive knowledge in dealing with water damage restoration claims. If you don’t you run the risk of not getting your full entitlement. This is because underlying problems, not initially detected, will not be covered if your claim has been settled.

Experience is the key to a fair settlement

Get It Clear Straight Away

All water damage, no matter how big or small, is identified and documented before the final claim is submitted to your insurer.

Imagines if water was to penetrate the cavities behind your walls and it went un-detected during initial inspections. Do you think your insurer would offer you a second payment when you discover later rot damage has occurred? Of course, they wouldn’t!

Ask yourself 3 simple questions before you contact your insurer to submit your insurance claim:

  1. Are you sure that a loss adjuster working on behalf of your insurance company will be so precise?
  2. Wouldn’t you prefer a loss adjuster assessing your water damage to be working with your interests as the priority rather that your insurers?
  3. How much would it cost for an independent loss adjuster to work on MY BEHALF?

The good news is that in most cases Public Loss Adjusters will work on your behalf with no cost to you. We can offer a full free loss adjusting service. All we ask in return is that you appoint one of our recommended specialist building contractors to complete your flood restoration work.

What Makes our loss adjusters different to loss assessors?

Specialist Flood Damage Restoration Network

We utilise a nationwide building repair network who specialise in water damage restoration.

The Independent Contractors Network are a nationwide flood restoration company consisting of professional building contractors who deal specifically with water damaged properties. Their flood damage repair network covers the whole of the UK. Rest assured that there is a qualified contractor within the locality of your area.

Each contractor employed by ICN LTD has extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with water damage. These contractors know exactly which steps to take to restore your property. From drying to repair work ICN ensure that you are back into your property as swiftly as possible.

Insurers occasionally ask the policy holder to obtain building repair quotes from local builders to reinstate your property. What happens next can be disastrous. Many local builders cannot treat water damaged properties at the same level as a dedicated flood restoration specialist.

Therefore, we recommend that you utilise the services of The Independent Contractors Network. ICN have extensive experience and qualifications in the field of flood restoration. ICN use the latest drying and detection technology when restoring your property

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