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If your property has suffered from flood damage, we are experts working on your side assisting with flood insurance claims.

Public Loss Adjusters are experts at helping people If you’ve experienced flood damage to your home or business, then you will be facing many challenges to get your property restored. One of the biggest hurdles will be your flood insurance claim. Many homeowners find that dealing with insurers can be very stressful due to their current situations, the last thing they want to be doing is haggling the value of the flood damage that has been caused.

We are here to ensure that you are equipped with expert knowledge on how to deal with your insurer.

Public Loss Adjusters’ job is to help with flood insurance claims and negotiate on the policyholder’s behalf. To make sure our clients are receiving everything they are entitled to and also make sure the claim is being handled as quickly as possible.

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Flooding and water damage can devastate a whole property as well as its contents rendering your possessions unusable. It can be an enormous shock to your system and a huge ordeal to overcome.

The average flood claim value is £30,000. Compare this to the average home insurance claim value of £2500. You can see the massive amount of damage that flooding does to a property. Furthermore, according to the RSA, the average time for a property to be restored after flood damage is 24 weeks. This is an extremely long time to be away from a home or business.

The sequence of events during a flood is complex and can damage the very fabric of your property. This most certainly will involve a large-scale clean-up operation before any flood restoration work is even considered.

We can recommend specialist nationwide flood restoration companies. This allows us to not only offer an excellent flood flood insurance claims management service, but also help with a flood damage repair service too. With this combined service we can manage everything on your behalf from initial contact to completion of work.

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Difficulties Handling A Flood Insurance Claim By Yourself?

Do You Know What Your Actually Covered For?

Insurance companies will use complicated jargon and small print throughout their policies. To make you think you have the correct cover. Then when you come to make a flood insurance claim, they use it against you to reject or mitigate your loss. PLA will search through your policy to pick up every detail that supports your claim. From there they will enter negotiations with your insurer to discuss the final settlement.

Our loss adjusters make sure your final settlement will cover every cost of your restoration. If you are entitled to any extras such as temporary accommodation. Our loss adjusters will seek to get you this and guarantee all costs are covered.

Public Loss Adjusters Are Here To Assist With Flood Insurance Claims

The Public Loss Adjusters insurance claim management specialists have spent over 75 years in the industry and have valuable experience to share. We know exactly what is expected from your insurer. A loss assessor working on your behalf is what you need to be able to know what happens in the process.

A lot of people are put off by the expectation of cost from a loss assessor. However, there are alternative arrangements that can be made, like working with recommended contractors. The cost is often outweighed by the increase in the settlement. So, using a loss assessor may cost you but you may get more money with the cost deducted than from a loss adjuster.

Instead of using a potentially biased opinion from your insurer’s loss adjuster, seek free advice from a loss assessor. The Loss Adjuster appointed by the insurer is generally on either a commission or set pay from the insurer. Whereas a loss assessor is incentivised to get the most from a claim as they may charge a percentage.

What Are The Benefits To You?

Benefits To Policyholder

Once Public Loss Adjusters have been appointed we can arrange:

  • Organise boarding up for the affected property
  • Liaise with your insurer on your behalf
  • Present a fully quantified flood claim to your insurance provider based on your full entitlement
  • Appoint structural engineers and chartered surveyors
  • Specialist-approved contractors on your instruction
  • Handle your insurance claim from start to finish
  • You will receive full support from our team
  • You may want to carry out alternative works, upgrade your property or receive a cash settlement.

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    Absolutely the right thing to do - Get these guy's involved in your claim. I was amazed at how proficient and professional they were. They handle everything for you and advise you every step of the way.


    Amazing, fantastic! I cannot really express my gratitude to Glenn and the company enough. Trust me, I never really write reviews but if you instruct a PLA and are lucky enough to get Glenn it will be best money you have ever spent.


    Michael Williamson was absolutely fantastic when I initially contacted PLA. He ensured my claim was paid to me in full. He was instrumental in getting my claim looked at properly by the insurers agent at Sedgwick. My gratitude to you Michael. Would award more than 5 stars for your help in a difficult claim.

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