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Fire Restoration:

Public Loss Adjusters offer a complete and extensive fire restoration and insurance claims management service. We are here for you every step of the way from negotiating with your insurer right up to the completed restoration of your property.

Our loss adjusters have vast experience in assessing fire damage. We report every last detail to your insurer as a result it guarantees you receive your full entitlement. As well as help with fire claims we also recommend specialist builders who have vast fire restoration experience.

Free Loss Adjusting

We Can Manage the Whole Process From Start To Finish

Experiencing events such as fire damage within your property can be daunting. The prospect of having to deal with the whole situation by yourself can be stressful. For example; many insurers will now ask the policy-holder to obtain fire restoration quotes from local builders.

Luckily enough by appointing Public Loss Adjusters, we can help by recommending experienced and trusted fire damage repair companies. This ensures that we can manage and oversee the completion of the repair work whilst providing support throughout your claim.

Public Loss Adjusters attending a fire damaged property

The Complete Fire Damage Repair Management Service

While we work tirelessly liaising with your insurance company to achieve your full entitlement for you. With your approval we will task a highly experienced team of fire restoration experts to repair all affected areas and your property transformed back to its original condition.

Being an industry leader, we have encountered an abundance of fire damaged properties. Our recommended fire restoration specialists utilise their extensive experience which ensures properties return to original condition.

Utilising a specialist recommended company to perform fire damage repair works is instrumental in a fast and efficient restoration. Rest assured that your property has been restored to the highest of standards within the scope of the costs awarded. The costs awarded will have been strongly negotiated especially for your benefit.

Public Loss Adjuster are working for you - not your insurer

Recommended Fire Damage Repair Companies

One of the main problems with using a local builder is that they may not have the experience to understand the full scope of situation. This is why we only recommend building contractors with extensive experience in the field of fire damage restoration. Specialists such as The Independent Contractor Network or Dritech.

We are so confident in our ability and our recommended fire damage specialists that on completion you will have been presented with a client satisfaction guarantee mandate. This is signed when agreed we have exceeded your personal expectations for handling the entire process.

A commercial or domestic fire can cause absolute devastation to your property. Fire damage can compromise structural elements and create unseen factors. Unseen factors include electrical components becoming compromised and needing repairs.

Water damage occurs in most properties after a fire. So, on top of the smoke and fire damage inflicted there could additionally be flood and water damage. This is why Public Loss Adjusters will help provide professional consultation with insurance claims and the repair of your property.

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Our Free Loss Adjusting Service

By appointing independent loss adjusters, you can ensure the management of the whole fire insurance claims process. Unlike insurance company solicitors, we work solely for the policy holder. Once you appoint Public Loss Adjusters we manage all negotiations on your behalf. We will work tirelessly to ensure that any settlement negotiated will repair your property to its previous condition.

Public Loss Adjusters normally charge a 10% fee (plus vat) of the final settlement figure for our services. Alternatively offer a free loss adjusting service when you agree to appoint one of our nationwide fire damage repair contractors.

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