Are you one of the estimated billion mobile and tablet users worldwide? Or are you an electric cigarette smoker? Maybe you use all of the three aforementioned devices? Did you know that using chargers designed for other products, or using cheap chargers, can pose a severe fire risk and potentially cause significant fire damages to your property?

If you are not using chargers that are produced directly or approved by your device manufacturer, please be aware of important factors such as the voltage of the cheap and mass produced chargers.

The cheap chargers you can easily buy from your local high street or via online shopping sites may seem a wonderful money saving option. However you should ask yourself this: why are these chargers so cheap to buy in comparison to the ones produced directly by the device manufacturer?

Many industry providers are now rigorously testing the cheap chargers for your smartphones, tablets and electric cigarettes for the risk to you. They are finding that these chargers have overheating problems and incorrect voltages.

Moreover, the tests that are being done on these chargers are being carried out due to devices exploding and overheating, which are causing an increased amount of properties to catch fire and suffer devastating and expensive damages.

Furthermore, if your original charger breaks and becomes unusable, and you feel as though you don’t want to purchase another manufacturer produced charger for reasons such as price or inconvenience, please consider the following points beforehand;

  • First, don’t purchase the cheapest charger you can find; go for the middle priced one, as prices for electronics such as chargers generally reflect the product quality.
  • Check product reviews for the company that produces the product and also the specific charger itself.
  • Check the voltage of charger you are thinking of buying, and make sure it is the same voltage as your original charger.

Please don’t take the risk of using chargers from other devices that aren’t designed for the product you’re charging. If you decide to use cheap chargers, consider the previously mentioned points. We have produced this list of precautions because we have witnessed many properties that have been severely damaged due to faulty device chargers, such as a property in Derby that completely burnt out and sadly 3 pets passed away during the blaze.

Just think to yourself – is it worth risking your property setting on fire just for a saving of 5 to 10 pounds? At Public Loss Adjusters, we believe that it definitely is not worth it!

However at Public Loss Adjusters, we understand that saving money is a desirable factor for anyone and we also understand the fact that you don’t buy cheap chargers purposely to cause damage to your home or business. Therefore, we are here to help you and provide you with specialist advice for fire damage claims.

Our in house and independent senior Loss Adjusters have a combined 75 years’ experience in dealing with property damage claims for fire damage and know exactly what is necessary for your claim to be successful and how to gain you your full entitled to settlement. Additionally, we can also offer you full fire restoration services from our approved and trusted contractors.

If you suffer from fire damage to your property as a result of cheap chargers overheating/ exploding and catching fire, contact the experts at Public Loss Adjusters now.