I am O.A.P woman living on my own and when part of my ceiling fell down last year I was more than shaken up, it was an old Victorian town house but had been kept in very good state of repair. I was in shock at the time but felt sure my insurers would cover me but to my horror they came back saying I was not covered due to it being ware and tear.

I felt so angry and felt that it was unfair because it had come down due to a water leek above in the bathroom that year. I did try and fight my claim but every time they said no, after a month or so I looked up on-line not knowing what to look for but found Public Loss Adjusters and reading about other peoples claims that they found themselves at the mercy of big Insurance Firms decided to try them out.

My first call was to Head Office and I was soon put at ease and told that my local manager would call on me and so Garry came and I just felt that this was the best step I had taken.

My claim then was taken up by Jemma in my local office and kept me informed and was so very helpful, always there if needed someone and would always explain in a language that I could understand.

The claim proved a problem but Public Loss Adjusters never gave up on it and after many months Jemma phoned me with the good news that they had won my claim.

This was such a huge relief and one that I would have never have won on my own.

The work men moved in soon after, plasters, painters, electricians and storage firm, cleaners-restores. They all turned up on time and worked so very hard, so clean and polite, the work was completed in time for Christmas when my youngest son returned from the R.A.F. from Afghan. We had a great Xmas together but it was thanks to all the hard and very professional work taken from my shoulders by a great team. It felt like D.I.Y. S.O.S T.V. program!.

I only wish more people out there knew that there is help and advice so a very big thank you Public Loss Adjusters I would recommend you to one and all.

Edna Rogers
Edna Rogers