Our Claims Management Services

Free Loss Adjusting*


Free Loss Adjusting

Why not call upon the specialist advice and guidance of a professional independent loss adjusters without any extra cost? With Public Loss Adjusters you can do just that. We offer a completely free comprehensive service if you appoint one of our recommended specialist contractors to restore your property back to its pre-loss condition. Click the link to find out more…


Insurance Claims Management

Submit a claim

We offer a full insurance claims management service, so you can sit back and relax as we deal with the difficult parts of your claim. We can manage all property damage related claims on your behalf. We would advise that you do not attempt to claim alone – employ one of our Public Loss Adjusters to fight for you. Click below to find out more about this service.


Aspects We Cover


Aspects of insurance claims

Public Loss Adjusters cover ALL aspects of insurance claims. Specialising in multiple areas of the commercial and domestic claims industry, we have specialist claims advisors and loss adjusters on hand who have a wealth of experience in dealing with the more intricate and complex of claims. Click the link below to find out if we cover your claim type…


Help With Fire Insurance Claims


fire insurance claims

We are experts in dealing with fire related insurance claims. With a tremendous success rate in helping our clients receive exactly what they are entitled to, we know just what is involved in exceeding your expectations and making sure the whole process draws to a conclusion swiftly and efficiently. To find out more about our fire insurance claims services please click the link below…


Help With Flood Insurance Claims


Flood insurance claims

Public Loss Adjusters are specialist flood claims handlers with a reputation for being one of the leading firms within the industry. Knowing just how detrimental the effects of flooding can have on you and your family, depending on the severity of the water damage we will arrange alternative accommodation so that you do not have to endure substandard living conditions…


Home Insurance Claims


Home insurance claims

We know that every home insurance claim is different to another and each will be dealt with respectively to your personal situation. Although the main objective stays the same in assisting you to receive the highest possible settlement, we will do all we can to amend your property and process your claims as efficiently as possible. Please click the link for more information….


Business Insurance Claims


Business insurance claims

The good news is if you are running a business it is more than likely that you have a solid insurance policy and you will have been paying out for this year upon year. The bad news is business insurance claims can be a lengthy ordeal if you were to submit your claim yourself. We have a wealth of experience in dealing with these types of claims and are confident we can reduce the time it takes to get your business back on track…


Our Fees


Our fees

We work on behalf of the policy holder and not your insurance provider. This intern means that we will work in your best interests to assist you in receiving exactly what you are entitled to. We will even provide a FREE loss adjusting service if you appoint on of our preferred contractors to carry out restoration works on your property…


Submit a Claim


Submit a claim

Why not submit your claim online today. We now have a designated area of our website where you can disclose information regarding your insurance claim and even files you may hold in relation to your policy. This will give us a greater understanding of your situation and even provisions in place prior to our initial contact with you…