Public Loss Adjusters have recently teamed up with to provide clients with help on resolving damage caused by badly installed cavity wall insulation. My Cavity Claim is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as part of the Public Loss Adjusting group and doesn’t charge any upfront fees, working on a no win no fee basis.

My Cavity Claim operates throughout the UK and will help all of our clients right from the claim submission through to the settlement and payment. We can help you further by recommending highly rated companies to fully solve damage caused by your cavity wall insulation. Having carried out substantial research followed by a 12-month trial period, this has resulted in several claim pay-outs to homeowners in excess of £50,000 per claim.

Problems can occur if your property hasn’t been correctly dealt with by cavity wall insulation companies. We can help and guide you through these problems, with 63 years’ experience, you can be reassured that your claim will be dealt with professionally and reasonably, with every member of our staff fully trained and experienced.

You can learn more about these services by visiting the cavity wall claims website.

Are you having Cavity Wall Insulation Problems?

Product Degradation: If you had cavity wall insulation installed a long time ago, it is possible that urea formaldehyde may have been injected into your cavity wall. This is a type of foam which over a number of years, degrades and can become harmful to your health through a combination of gas released from the foam and damp.

Inappropriate Property: There have been a number of occasions where the cavity wall insulation has been fitted into houses which are structurally unsuitable, most commonly steel or wooden framed properties. For brick or blockwork constructed properties which are in a poor condition or are in areas subject to wind driven rain e.g. near the coast, problems caused by cavity wall insulation can also occur.

Flood or Fire Damage: Where a property has been flooded the cavity wall installation can become wet and is unlikely to dry out leading to problems of damp inside a property. Similarly, in the event of a fire the high volume of water used to extinguish the flames may also water-log the cavity wall insulation.

Other cavity wall insulation problems may include:

  • Cold spots on external walls, possibly caused by areas of the cavity wall that haven’t been correctly filled
  • Internal damp problems, possibly caused by warm air condensing onto cold spots which haven’t been insulated properly
  • Growth of mould which occurs as a result of the damp
  • Dry rot caused by untreated damp affecting timbers
  • Corrosion of cavity wall ties when insulation has become wet

If you have any of these problems, or you simply don’t notice your cavity wall insulation making a difference and you’re unsure whether it has been installed correctly, it is worth calling Public Loss Adjusters or My Cavity Claims to discuss the best resolution for you.

Remember we work on your behalf on a NO WIN NO FEE basis.