South Battered By Storm Imogen

The south of England has been affected by Storm Imogen.

The UK has been battered by Storm Imogen over the weekend, with flooding across the country and severe flood warnings issued for areas in the south of England. Cornwall, Devon and Somerset have been alerted to a medium risk of flooding.

Parts of Warwickshire have experienced heavy flooding, as roads have become severely flooded when a stretch of river burst its banks. Constant rain over the weekend has also led to many areas experiencing flooding on the road, with some water leaking into residential properties in Nuneaton, Bedworth and North Warwickshire.

Parts of Coventry have also been flooded, with businesses and homes experiencing flood damage after a two-foot torrent of water burst from a brook, destroying thousands of pounds’ worth of stock at a local business.

Transport has been affected in these areas, with drivers being advised to avoid certain roads due to heavy flooding. There have been numerous cases of drivers being stranded in flood water, especially in North Devon where most roads have experienced flooding.

In Cornwall, two properties have been flooded in Angarrack, and three properties in Blackwater, but no properties have been evacuated.

If you have been affected by flooding, Public Loss Adjusters can help you to be seen by your insurers first. Call 08000 434 999 if you are in need of insurance claims management.

Storm Jonas Headed To The UK

The United Kingdom is to be battered again by heavy rain and more gale-force winds, coming in from the remnants of Storm Jonas from the United States. The UK has received a warning for heavy rain on Tuesday for the west of the UK, with four inches of rain forecast for parts of Wales. Severe weather warnings are also in place for north west England and the west of Scotland.

The Met Office has warned of more dangers of flooding across the UK, after many households are only just recovering from Storm Desmond over the Christmas period. The weather is expected to be mostly mild apart from Tuesday and Wednesday, which will bring wet and windy spells. 20-40mm of rain is to be expected in Scotland and 30-60mm to be expected for north west England.

While the US received heavy blizzards that have impacted travel, during the time that the storm is crossing the Atlantic, this blizzard will have dissipated into rain, bring persistent rain to the UK. Strong winds are also expected in addition to this heavy rain, so be careful when travelling across the country.

The Environment Agency has issued four flood warnings and 14 food alerts, advising those affected to take immediate action to protect their homes.

If you want advice on how to deal with the floods if you are in the affected areas, Public Loss Adjusters can help you. Call 08000 434 999 if your home becomes flooded, and we can help manage your insurance claims.

Why You May Need A Loss Adjusters Help

Small businesses can go to the wall if insurers delay paying out their claims, but help may be at hand. The following published in the Sunday Times tells the story of how a small up and coming business struggled after a fire.

The piercing sirens that woke Eleanor Olivier at 5am heralded her worst nightmare. Half a mile from her home in Richmond, North Yorkshire, her flourishing beauty salon had gone up in flames. Ten fire engines and more than 50 firefighters were battling the blaze. “I could smell the smoke. As I got closer, I realised it was our building. All our hard work was destroyed,” said Olivier, 64, who started her beauty business 23 years ago.

Her Urban Spa Retreat opened in 2006. When the blaze broke out in June, she had just received a bank loan to fund expansions. “We were rocketing with a dream team. We were so happy; almost nothing could be better.”

A sandwich shop and a Red Cross store went up in flames along with Olivier’s livelihood. Police quickly established the cause as arson by a local teenager. Amid the devastation, Olivier thanked her lucky stars – for years she had held an insurance policy with NIG, a specialist commercial insurer that is part of the Direct Line Group.

She also had business interruption cover, which helps with staff salaries and bills that have to be paid while a business is getting back on its feet, as well as contents cover. Surely, she thought, she would have her venture up and running again in no time. She thought wrong. While the police charged a man with arson, NIG took 10 weeks to accept liability.

Olivier, who runs the business with her daughter Robyn, has still not been offered what she considers a satisfactory sum. She has had two interim payments to help cover salaries and bills, but had to wait more than two months for the first cheque and a further three for a second one.

During the six months since the fire, which has seen the offender jailed for almost three years, Olivier has lost all but one of her staff. She complained that contact with her insurer had been limited despite several attempts to resolve the matter. She did, however, receive one important message from NIG.

“We were told that by no means should we cancel our direct debit and that our premium has doubled, even though we have no shop or contents to insure,” said Olivier, who plans to take her case to the financial ombudsman. Being out of business has had more than financial consequences. There is “the psychological torture of being in limbo”, said Olivier. She has no idea when, or even if, her company will get back to where it was.

Jeremy Balcombe of loss assessor Harris Balcombe said the delays have taken the Olivier’s to the brink. “The situation now is that the business is all but ruined and their bank has threatened closure on their company and personal accounts. Cars have had to be returned and finances are in a dire state.” NIG said: “While we sympathise with Ms Olivier’s situation, we have sought to progress the aspects of her loss, for which we provide cover, as quickly as possible.”

Olivier’s is not the first small business to be endangered by late-paying insurers. The issue of delays when dealing with an insurance claim is a threat to Britain’s enterprises. But it seems that, finally, the government is about to step in with a remedy. Next year, the Enterprise Bill will pave the way for a new rule that states an insurer is liable to pay for damage caused if a company is made to wait for an “unreasonable” amount of time for a settlement.

The change has been hailed by many industry experts as an overdue lifeline for ventures that struggle to stay afloat while waiting for payouts. SO far, it hasn’t been an easy law to pass. In October, the chief executive of Lloyd’s of London wrote to the treasury saying the new guideline was “fundamentally flawed” and could cripple the insurance market.

Lloyd’s said it was worried the door could be opened “to speculative and vexatious claims against insurers for losses that were never covered in the first place”. It wanted the government to water down the clause, which did not make it into this year’s Insurance Act because of its controversy.

Lloy’s did not succeed in scrapping it but did convince the Treasury to limit the period in which a small firm could make claim for damages, changing it from six years to just one. Sceptics such as Balcombe think the Enterprise Bill will make little difference to the unfair behaviour of insurers, which has been standard practice for too long.

“Proving what is reasonable or unreasonable will be complicated, to say the least,” he said. “Even if the Enterprise Bill achieves royal assent, the current thinking is that this will not occur until the middle of next year and then it will take a year to come into force. Policyholders will not benefit for a while.”

Others think the long-awaited change is a blessing for businesses big and small, regardless of how long it takes to put into practice. “The current situation is so ridiculous,” said Bruce Hepburn, who runs Mactavish, an expert in insurance governance. “Now we will be able to hold insurers to account in a way they have never been held to account before.”

Hepburn said research by this firm found that 45% of large claims are disputed and take an average of three years to settle. “An insurer will use the threat of delaying payment to settle at a lower sum, so why shouldn’t a policyholder in parallel use the threat of damages to settle quicker?” Hepburn added: “Every business in Britain has commercial insurance and every business needs it to work.”

Graeme Trudgill, executive director of the British Insurance Brokers’ Association, said he does not expect any problem with the implementation of the law and hopes it will reform the market. Unfortunately for business owners such as Eleanor Oliver, the shake-up comes too late. Others can only hope they get a fairer, quicker deal in future.

The above article is from the Sunday Times.

Remember, Public Loss Adjusters can help you to receive the full entitlement of your claim. We always put our clients needs before anything else, ensuring that they are fully aware of what is happening with their claim and that they are 100% happy. Call us now on 08000 434 999 for help and advice or if you would like to start a claim to your insurer.

Storm Eva Devastates Thousands Of Properties

Homes and businesses have been devastatingly struck by floods in Yorkshire and Lancashire following the heavy rain fall over the Christmas weekend. With Storm Eva taking place over the weekend, Storm Frank is due to sweep in soon, with Cumbria and the south and central of Scotland being at the most risk.

York was badly hit by the recent flooding events on Saturday. Areas of northern England, including parts of Manchester and Leeds, were submerged by up to 6ft of water after a month’s worth of rain fell in a single day in some parts of Lancashire. The Environment Agency has nearly 30 severe flood warnings in place for the north-east and north-west of England, and more than 180 flood alerts and warnings across England and Wales.

David Cameron has ordered thousands of troops to help the local communities across the north of England which have found themselves underwater just hours after celebrating Christmas. Analysts estimate the cost of heavy flooding across northern England could exceed £1.5bn, with small businesses hit hard.

How Can We Help?

Public Loss Adjusters can help you to recover if your property has been damaged by the recent flooding events. We understand how difficult it can be to keep in top of things, which is why we believe that managing your insurance claim should NOT be your priority. Instead, it is ours. We can:

  • Organise the boarding up of your property
  • Instruct our surveyors to assess the damage
  • Appoint our preferred restoration specialists to repair the damage
  • Handle your insurance claim from start to finish
  • Present a fully qualifying claim to your insurer
  • Liaise with your insurer on your behalf
  • Provide you with full support throughout the entire process

Don’t settle for less. We are here to get your property back to the way it was before in the shortest amount of time possible, whilst also ensuring that you receive the full entitlement of your claim. For help and advice, please call us on 08000 434 999.

Help For Cumbria Flood Victims

Localised flooding and travel disruption is expected over the next few days, with further downpours for the areas hit by Storm Desmond. River levels have also been rising around the South and East of Cumbria this morning, whilst a number of roads in the area are only passable with great care.

There are still several roads and bridges, however, which are closed as a result of the flooding from over two weeks ago. As a result, seven flood warnings are now in place, meaning that action should be taken to protect properties in Cumbria, Kendal and Carlisle. The North West is still trying to recover after around 5200 homes have been damaged by Storm Desmond.

As a result, the environment secretary, Elizabeth Truss, has set up a group to consider whether the current flood defences in Cumbria need to be strengthened. The Cumbrian Floods Partnership group will research the options to reduce the intensity of the water flows of the key rivers in the area. This is thought to build stronger links between the local residents, community groups and flood-defence planning.

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) have recently stated that they currently expect the storm and flooding recovery to cost around £520 million in property insurance pay-outs. Gary Rogers, the director of Public Loss Adjusters, recently did an interview on BBC Radio Cumbria to discuss the devastation among local residents in the area and also included some useful advice on what they should do next. You can listen to the interview at the bottom of this page by clicking the “play” button on the black bar below.

Public Loss Adjusters are currently working in Cumbria, assisting local victims of the recent flooding events. We can help to assess the damage of your property fairly, making sure that you are put before anything else. We work to ensure that you receive your full entitlement under the terms and conditions of your policy, working for YOU, independently of your insurers. Call us now on 08000 434 999 for further help and information.

Storm Desmond Floods Northern UK

Thousands of homes and businesses across the UK, especially in parts of Scotland, Lancashire and Cumbria, have been left devastated by Storm Desmond’s rain causing rivers to burst and break their banks. Record amounts of rainfall, reaching over 300mm in some parts of Cumbria, have breached flood defences and left thousands of homes flooded.

While many homes have regained power, there are still more than 2,500 homes without power in Cumbria. Rescue workers are working to evacuate people from their homes as more than a month’s worth of rainwater fell in the space of 24 hours, causing severe flooding and leaving 1,734 homes without power in the Fusehill area of Carlisle, as well as 218 in Cockermouth.

In Lancaster, Morecambe, Carnforth and other parts of North Lancashire, 55,000 homes will be without water and power until at least Tuesday. Furthermore, more rain has been predicted to fall this month, with strong winds of up to 60mph are expected to batter the already flooded areas, worsening existing damage.

Public Loss Adjusters would like to warn all residents of the North of England and southern and central Scotland to not travel unless necessary, and to stay inside if your home has not been affected by flooding. While the weather is not predicted to be as severe as it has been, it is still advised that all residents remain alert and prepared for more harsh weather.

The Association of British Insurers have assured consumers that the insurance industry is braced for the bad weather, stating that they are “geared up to help customers who have suffered flood and storm damage recover as quickly as possible.” Our Loss Adjusters can help to assess the damage to your property fairly, as well as ensuring you receive priority services. Call 08000 434 999 if your home has been affected and you need professional guidance fast.

Need Storm and Flood Claim Guidance?

Storms and flooding events devastate thousands of home and business property owners throughout the UK on a yearly basis. It is therefore important that you take certain precautions in order to prepare for these types of events. If you are worried about your property being at risk of storm and flood events this winter, our guide below has plenty of useful tips to get you started.

Preparing for Bad Weather

It is important that you are prepared for bad weather so that if it does occur, you know exactly what to do. It is also important that you try to limit the damage to an absolute minimum. You should always listen and watch out for bad weather warnings on the radio, TV and local newspapers where it may say whether your local area is affected and may even supply you with storm and flood claim help and advice.

You should make sure that any unsecured items, such as a ladder in the garden, are secure so that they don’t cause any damage to your home. This can lead to unnecessary damage which may be costly to repair. If you are in a high flood risk area, you should try to move your valuable items to a higher place or maybe even upstairs. This will ensure that your valuable or essential items won’t get damaged due to floods and storms as these can often be too valuable to replace or repair.

Keep a mobile phone with you at all times. You never know when you might be in an emergency or when you might need to call someone when your home has been damaged. Also, check if it’s safe to use electricity, gas and water supplies. Not doing so may result in further damage.

Insurance Claim Help & Guidance

Storm and flood damage can have a devastating effect on the whole property, as well as its contents and furnishings. It can be a stressful and upsetting experience for those involved, and time should therefore be spent concentrating on your family life – without the stress of dealing with the insurance claim.

Public Loss Adjusters have a 24 hour dedicated call centre which offers professional storm and flood claim advice. It is our job to ensure that you are provided with the expert knowledge you deserve when dealing with your insurance company. If required, we can even manage the whole claim on your behalf.

Warnings Issued For Local Flooding Alerts

The impact of severe weather has already had a major impact on towns and cities across England. Major local flooding events could possibly put lives at risk as heavy rainfall strikes Britain, devastating many towns and cities across the UK.

Many areas covered by the flood warnings are likely to see 2.8 – 3.9 inches of rain and the north-west could see as high as 5.9 – 7.9 inches. The Met Office has deployed many people to lay sandbags, strengthen flood defences and remove river blockages.

It is said that floods will be caused by rain hitting the already saturated land rather than coastal conditions, meaning that those who live inland will be equally in danger as those who are living by the sea.

The Environment Agency (EA) has issued severe flood warnings in 12 regions across Britain and 119 flood alerts across the UK, urging people to prepare for the events.

This came just hours after the Met Office issued an amber warning of severe weather conditions for north-west Wales and parts of northern England, with strong rain continuing to spread across Wales and into the northern areas of England, such as the Lake District.

In Cumbria, areas in and around Egremont and Kendal have been warned that they are at risk as they are set to see some of the heaviest rainfall in Britain. Residents have also been advised to evacuate their homes by the local district council, which has now set up a number of reception centres for those who are affected.

Two 24ft long pumps which are capable of pumping 120,000 litres of water per minute have been reported to have been dispatched to just Cumbria alone.

This wave of severe weather comes in the wake of Storm Abigail, Britain’s first named storm, which covered parts of the UK with snow and left more than 20,000 homes without power.

Craig Woolhouse, EA director of incident management, said: ‘Heavy rain is falling on already saturated ground causing rivers to rise and bringing a risk of flooding across the North West. We urge people to check the risk of local flooding in their area, sign up for flood warnings and be prepared to take immediate action. Our teams are working around the clock with communities at risk to prepare for flooding and maintain flood defences.’

If you have been affected by the events of local flooding in your area, Our Loss Adjusters are here to help you. Call us now on 08000 434 999 for help and advice.

Successful Subsidence Claims Settlements

At Public Loss Adjusters, our loss adjusters have exercised their substantial experience with subsidence claims to achieve an excellent result for our clients. We have recently negotiated and resolved two cases with Zurich Insurance PLC.

The properties were newly built and had a Zurich guarantee for a ten year term. However, substantial subsidence problems became evident within this term, causing significant damages to the property. Unfortunately, the insurers were not willing to deal with the property owners appropriately.

The owners then contacted Public Loss Adjusters, and our loss adjusters urged the insurers to take action. We kept lines of communication open with our clients, ensuring that they were constantly informed of the progress made.

Our loss adjusters, under instruction, ultimately achieved an excellent result for our clients – the sums of £350,000 and £395,000.

With subsidence becoming more prevalent in the UK, especially in the south and east, it is important to watch out for the signs. Signs include cracking in the walls, distortions of openings in the property that cause doors and windows to stick, and external cracks on the property.

Claims Management Companies Regulation

As a result of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) overseeing the regulation of claims management companies (CMCs), the Association of British Insurers’ (ABI) have now called for a new regulation to be used. This followed the release of data which showed 23% of CMCs have been either warned or have had their authorisation cancelled during the 2014 and 2015 period.

The ABI commented: “The current system i

The Ministry of Justice, who currently regulates the CMCs sector under the Claims Management Regulator, stated that 296 firms were warned, 105 had their authorisation cancelled and 390 companies surrendered their authorisation.

So What Do Other Companies Think?

The head of motor claims at Allianz, Tony Newman commented on the situation: “Despite warnings and lost accreditation, CMC practices have continued or even worsened. In essence it has had no effect. This demonstrates that the current regulation is ineffective.”

He added: “The number of authorised CMCs may have reduced but many will have set up without authorisation. Authorised businesses may just become bigger businesses, controlling more claims. No matter what the official figures are regarding authorised CMCs, activity has increased to the point where cold calls have become a part of everyday life.”

We Think it is About Time!

Public Loss Adjusters, however, are authorised and regulated by the FCA under registration number 515147. As an authorised firm, unlike these rogue CMCs, we are approved and regulated by the FCA to hold and administer client finds via a segregated client account. This provides our clients with the assurance that we are able to act as their professional representative at all times and will do so in an ethical and fair manner, working on your behalf every step of the way.

Commercial Extractor Fan Fire Nightmares

Did you know that 70% of commercial property fires are caused by extractor fans?

Are you in charge of the running of an eating establishment such as a public house, restaurant or takeaway? Did you know that your kitchen extractor fan can actually be a massive fire hazard due to a build-up of dirt and grease inside? Think about it for a moment – have you ever actually cleaned or had someone external in to clean the internal areas of your fan? If not, you are at a high risk of a fire.

Furthermore, did you know that 70% of fires in commercial kitchens such as in public houses, restaurants and takeaways are caused by a build-up of dirt and grease internally in extractor and ventilation fans/systems? Be aware and make sure you keep on top of the maintenance of your ventilation systems to reduce the risk of your establishment falling victim to accidental fire damage.

Fire and Rescue crews and services nationwide recommend that food and drink establishments should get their extractor and ventilation fans/systems serviced, cleaned and risk assessed once every 3 to 6 months, dependent on how often it is used and demand.

Moreover, think to yourself – is it worth not spending a few hundred pounds on cleaning your ventilation systems and risking the possibility of an unexpected blaze that could cause thousands of pounds of damage to your kitchen and other areas of your establishment?

At Public Loss Adjusters, we have dealt with many accidental commercial fires. If you do unfortunately suffer from one at your public house, restaurant or takeaway we can help you and work on your side. Additionally, we can offer you help with the fire damage restoration and put you in contact with one of our trusted and preferred contractors.

Our in house Loss Adjusters have a combined experience of 75 years dealing with business claims for property damage and are the experts you need on your side to deal with your claim. We work solely for you and will talk control of all negotiations with your policy insurance company to reduce the stress that coincides with property damage to business/ company. Finally, if you need an experienced and skilled claims handling company to help you, contact us at Public Loss Adjusters today.

Dangers Of Unofficial Mobile Chargers

Are you one of the estimated billion mobile and tablet users worldwide? Or are you an electric cigarette smoker? Maybe you use all of the three aforementioned devices? Did you know that using chargers designed for other products, or using cheap chargers, can pose a severe fire risk and potentially cause significant fire damages to your property?

If you are not using chargers that are produced directly or approved by your device manufacturer, please be aware of important factors such as the voltage of the cheap and mass produced chargers.

The cheap chargers you can easily buy from your local high street or via online shopping sites may seem a wonderful money saving option. However you should ask yourself this: why are these chargers so cheap to buy in comparison to the ones produced directly by the device manufacturer?

Many industry providers are now rigorously testing the cheap chargers for your smartphones, tablets and electric cigarettes for the risk to you. They are finding that these chargers have overheating problems and incorrect voltages.

Moreover, the tests that are being done on these chargers are being carried out due to devices exploding and overheating, which are causing an increased amount of properties to catch fire and suffer devastating and expensive damages.

Furthermore, if your original charger breaks and becomes unusable, and you feel as though you don’t want to purchase another manufacturer produced charger for reasons such as price or inconvenience, please consider the following points beforehand;

  • First, don’t purchase the cheapest charger you can find; go for the middle priced one, as prices for electronics such as chargers generally reflect the product quality.
  • Check product reviews for the company that produces the product and also the specific charger itself.
  • Check the voltage of charger you are thinking of buying, and make sure it is the same voltage as your original charger.

Please don’t take the risk of using chargers from other devices that aren’t designed for the product you’re charging. If you decide to use cheap chargers, consider the previously mentioned points. We have produced this list of precautions because we have witnessed many properties that have been severely damaged due to faulty device chargers, such as a property in Derby that completely burnt out and sadly 3 pets passed away during the blaze.

Just think to yourself – is it worth risking your property setting on fire just for a saving of 5 to 10 pounds? At Public Loss Adjusters, we believe that it definitely is not worth it!

However at Public Loss Adjusters, we understand that saving money is a desirable factor for anyone and we also understand the fact that you don’t buy cheap chargers purposely to cause damage to your home or business. Therefore, we are here to help you and provide you with specialist advice for fire damage claims.

Our in house and independent senior Loss Adjusters have a combined 75 years’ experience in dealing with property damage claims for fire damage and know exactly what is necessary for your claim to be successful and how to gain you your full entitled to settlement. Additionally, we can also offer you full fire restoration services from our approved and trusted contractors.

If you suffer from fire damage to your property as a result of cheap chargers overheating/ exploding and catching fire, contact the experts at Public Loss Adjusters now.

A Month Of Rain Expected To Fall In 48 Hours

There is an Extreme Weather Warning for the coming days, they are going to be filled with torrential rain, hail and thunder storms. It is expected that a month’s worth of rain and bad weather in the next two days is going to hit the United Kingdom and there will be devastating effects.

The predicted downfall is thought to be between 30mm and 50mm, which is equal to an average month of rain in the United Kingdom. As a result of this, there are major flood warnings throughout the nation and we advise that you put some safety precautions in place such as sandbags at your property.

These horrendous weather conditions can be extremely damaging – as we have already witnessed water damage earlier this summer in Alyth, Scotland. In this incident, 500 properties suffered disruptions, 150 properties were destroyed by localised flooding and travelling conditions were hazardous.

Additionally, due to the possible flood and water damage that these awful weather conditions can cause, your property could also be affected by storm damage. The storm could damage your home or business premises in numerous ways; tiles on your roof could be dislodged, your roof could collapse, a tree could fall onto your property or a brick wall at your property could be blown over and fall apart.

If your property has been or is currently damaged by water or storm damage during this period of extraneous weather conditions forthcoming, then Public Loss Adjusters can help you claim for property damages and offer you a full insurance claims management service.

Our senior Loss Adjusters have a combined 75 years’ experience dealing with claims and negotiating with the insurance companies on your behalf. We work for YOU, not the insurer, so we will use all our skills and experience to make sure you receive the biggest settlement that you are entitled to for the cost of damage repair and any other costs involved in your property’s restoration.

If you become a victim of the torrential rain, hail and thunder that is predicted for the next few days, contact the professionals at Public Loss Adjusters and let us deal with every step of the claiming process for you. Our expert claim handlers will attend any meetings of negotiation with your policy insurance company, perform a full policy examination to ensure you are fully covered and we will work tirelessly until you receive your full entitlement. Don’t settle for less; settle for your full entitlement with Public Loss Adjusters.

Most Extreme Weather On Record Predicted?

Maybe it isn’t the time of year of freezing gales, harsh frosts and snow yet, but don’t worry they will come later on in the year. It’s the current climate that you need
to be aware of.

Due to a plunge in temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean, we are being threatened by a wash out summer, cold bone chilling blasts and torrential rains throughout.

Furthermore, the bizarre conditions in and around the Atlantic are causing an erratic and unstable climate for us to live in, basically its sunny one day and strong rain to next.

Well you are probably thinking, how will you be affected? Actually this will have an impact on the heat of your summer and how cold your winter is. Moreover, it is likely to cause higher temperatures on some days in summer and it is likely to cause very low sub-degree temperatures in the winter months.

Are Hotter Summers Actually As Exciting As YOU Think?

We understand that the thought of hotter summers and more snow in winter sounds exciting to many of you, but these rash changes in weather conditions and temperature can cause devastating damage to your property or properties.

Already this year, we have witnessed the devastating flood damage that occurred in Alyth, Perthshire, in which around 90 people had to evacuate their homes, 500 homes and businesses were left without power and many homes, businesses and cars were damaged beyond repair.

It is important to be prepared for the eventuality of fire, flood or any other type of property damage at your domestic or commercial premises’ by making sure you have a valid and fully suitable insurance policy taken out for property damages.

This covers you against the forthcoming extreme weather and it means that if the tragic event of property damage occurs, you can claim for a settlement for the costs for damages internally and externally at your property.

However, if you do unfortunately suffer property damage, Public Loss Adjusters are here to relieve you of the stresses of the property damage claiming process. This is because if you employ one of Public Loss Adjusters’ specialist claims handlers instead of the insurance company’s loss adjusters, they will work directly for you and not on behalf of the insurance company.

Public Loss Adjusters will work with only your best interests at heart, to ensure that you receive the full and accurate final settlement that you are entitled to.

They will gain your successful result through the use of skilled, proven techniques and procedures that they have used many times before to gain results in the claimers favour.

In conclusion, if you are experiencing property damage or if you do suffer from property damages in the future caused by this year’s predicted extreme weather, contact us now for insurance claims management, and one of our professional and highly skilled Loss Adjusters will help you.

Our New Branch In Ireland Is Coming Soon!

In order to make our company as accessible to you as possible, we are now in the process of opening a Drogheda, Co. Meath branch in Ireland. Also, to accompany the new branch in Ireland, we are designing an entirely new ‘ie’ website. We will be offering all the same services you get from our main branch, however Public Loss Adjusters Ireland is just a more localised section of our brand that will guarantee faster response times to the usually more difficult to access, remote towns and counties.

We have local numbers for various areas in Ireland, all of which will be available to find once the new website is launched. These numbers will mean you get a quicker response from a representative near you. This is one thing we truly understand is very important if you are experiencing an emergency at your home, as Public Loss Adjusters can now co-ordinate damage control far more effectively for our Irish clients.

Specialising In Irish Insurance Claims

Moreover, due to working for Ireland exclusively, Public Loss Adjusters Ireland can focus entirely on knowledge of the laws of Ireland, so the loss assessors working for you know exactly the correct and accurate way to get you your full entitlement while being in line and equal with the other Irish insurers.

Visit our Irish website here, due to be launched on 6th August: Public Loss Adjusters Ireland.

Flood Damage To Homes & Businesses in Alyth

If you live or work in Alyth, Perth, Kinross or any of its surrounding areas? You may have been affected by the recent destructive rainfall? Has it caused flood damage to your home or are you losing money because your place of work is inaccessible or has been damaged? If your property has been damage by the Kinross, Perth or Alyth flooding then Public Loss Adjusters can help you resolve these issues.

Public Loss Adjusters’ senior insurance claims management team have over 75 years of combined experience within the loss adjusting industry, and will work solely to make sure you receive the best possible outcome for your entitled to claim settlement. This successful settlement will be gained through our Loss Adjusters experience and knowledge of what is specifically required to get a positive and fair result.

As long as you are fully insured and a valid policy for property damage, Public Loss Adjusters can help you every stage of the process from the original phone call to the end result of you receiving a full and fair settlement. We will also provide you with regular updates of the flood damage help and advice and its proceedings towards to the end goal and closure you.

If you choose to appoint Public Loss Adjusters as professional claims handlers for your flood damage claim, the assigned Loss Adjuster/s will fully scrutinise your policy and make sure everything is in order towards achieving the desired result. They will also check if there is any add-ons to your policy terms that are not included as standard.

Moreover, when our specialist claims handlers will assess the small print in your policy to ensure that you are fully compensated on key point of your policy that may otherwise be overlooked without a trained eye

  • We will ensure that your personal flood damage and circumstances of loss are fully covered by the policy that you have taken out for property damages.
  • The amounts given by the insurance company and also by you the policy holder are fair and accurate to the damages occurring.
  • We will check that the maximum pay out for damages written up in your policy, fully covers the cost of the flood damage repair and any other fees included.
  • TWe will then make sure that every item of damage and any necessary extra information picked up on the initial flood damage assessment has been included accurately.

In conclusion, if have been affected by the floods in Alyth, Perth, Kinross, or any of its surrounding areas or have property near the A822 between Braco and Greenloaning that has been affected by the recent floods, call Public Loss Adjusters now on 08000 434 999.

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Within 1 month of being appointed, he had secured an offer 10 times greater than the insurance company's original offer to us in settlement. Very professional service throughout. I would thoroughly recommend PLA.

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Why Use Our Claims Insurance Management Services?

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Why Choose Us?
  • Free Loss Adjusting Service in Most Cases

  • Nationwide Company - Friendly Local Approach

  • We Only Recommend Fully Qualified Contractors

  • 24 Hour Nationwide Helpline

  • We Work For You NOT Your Insurance Company

  • Settlement Figure Higher in Most Cases

  • Option of Cash Settlement For 10% Fee

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Recognised Suppliers to THe National Landlord Association
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