Is Michael Williamson The Martin Lewis of The Home Insurance Claims Sector?

Another Mission To Ensure Flood Victims Are Fully Compensated 

Increasingly becoming known as the Martin Lewis of the home insurance claims sector, PLA’s very own Michael Williamson has again recently featured on TV. His quest? To ensure that policyholders are fully compensated by their insurer in their time of need. Fresh from his appearance on The One Show, this time Micheal is featured on a snippet from the BBC News magazine show Look North.

This snippet highlights mistakes that insurers have made, whilst Flood victim Lorna and her family are depending them to act fast and settle their claim in a fair manner. Yet again, Micheal is frustrated by how insurers are dealing with the claims of their clients and wants to help.

Public Loss Adjusters client Lorna had her property flooded a year ago. She was only offered £7,000 by her insurer and it still hasn’t been repaired! According to Michael, the real cost to repair the damage is more like £40,000 and he has stepped in to try and speed the claim up and get Lorna her full entitlement. Watch the video below.

Transcript From Video

Bentley in Doncaster was hit hard by the floods of November 2019. Lorna and her family were forced to move out of their home and into a caravan in their back garden. They’ve been stuck there ever since because of a catalogue of problems they’ve had with their insurance company. They were only offered seven thousand pounds to put the house right, when it’ll cost 40 thousand.

 “The water we dealt with the year of sheer rubbish that we’ve had of the insurance company has destroyed the family. Because all we want is a home back. We don’t want anything more than we’re entitled to. All our kids have asked for, for Christmas is they don’t want a present, they want it so we can sit in our kitchen and eat a Christmas dinner that I’ve cooked them.”

 Lorna says the stress caused by not being back in their home has had a devastating impact on her, her partner and their two children.

“It’s broken our family. We don’t know if when this house is put back together whether our family will be a family. We don’t know and that’s for me to do the worst of it.”

To fight their corner with the insurance company they took on Michael who is a loss adjuster. He’s supporting more than 40 homeowners who have flooded last year in South Yorkshire and are in a similar position.

“I have one, two, three in this street that are still out of their home a year after. They have been left in a terrible position. They are a year down the line and they are at a position where they should have been approximately one month after the claim in reality.”

In a statement Claire and Lorna’s insurance underwriters RSA said; There was an early mistake in the process which we quickly resolved. We’re sorry that have. Claire and Lorna’s claim didn’t go as well as it should.

 Lorna and her family have been told they’ll be back in their home by Christmas. Their insurers have now committed to covering most of the costs of repairs. They hope to be able to put the nightmare of the last 12 months behind them.

*Transcript taken from BBC Look North

Credit: Mark Ansel

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Landmark Covid-19 Business Interruption Case Rules in Favour of Policyholders

Has Your Business Interruption Claim Been Rejected Due To Coronavirus?
You May Want To Get A Second Opinion!

Business interruption claims submissions have recently skyrocketed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Although worryingly enough, most claims up to now have been rejected.

This is partly because insurers have claimed that Covid-19, as a new virus, is not covered in most business interruption insurance policies.

The good news is that due to a recent British High Court case ruling after the FCA got involved, the tide may be turning in favour of worried business owners. It appears that they may actually be covered after all.

Have you had a business interruption claim rejected by your insurer? Public Loss Adjusters offer expert business interruption claims help and are currently offering a free business insurance policy check.We Can Help With Your Business Interruption Claims

What is Business Interruption Insurance?

Firstly, it is important to understand what Business Interruption (BI) insurance is, the Chartered Insurance Institute define Business Interruption insurance as:

“Time loss, consequential loss and loss of profits insurance it provides cover for the financial losses due to an interruption to a business caused by material damage to property.”

BI Insurance is in place to help if your business or company suffers from any form of loss. For example, if your building had a small fire meaning that nobody could enter the premises, forcing you to shut down for a period.

Your BI Insurance cover helps you recover lost income until you are operational again. However, depending on your policy wording will depend on what or how much you are covered for.

Covid-19 and Business Interruption Insurance

Following the outbreak of Covid-19 and the population of the UK being told to stay at home, on the 17th March 2020 the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, announced financial measures for companies stating that:

“Businesses need support with their cashflow and fixed costs. Following the changed medical advice yesterday, there are concerns about the impact on pubs, clubs, theatres and other hospitality, leisure and retail venues. Let me confirm that, for those businesses which do have a policy that covers pandemics, the government’s action is sufficient and will allow businesses to make an insurance claim against their policy.”

However, many insurers placed large roadblocks meaning that many businesses have been unsuccessful in claiming on their insurance arising from lost of income due to Covid-19. Various businesses were being told that they were not covered due to Coronavirus not being a ‘notifiable disease’ despite the government adding it to the list on the 5th March 2020.

Insurers decided to judge their acceptance on a case by case policy, dependent on the wording in the insurance policy. Inevitably, countless insurance companies begin rejecting claim so not to share in the financial burden the virus has caused.

In September of 2020, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) brought a test case affecting around 370,000 small businesses over the wording of BI Insurance Policies. In a 160-page document Lord Justice Flaux and Mr Justice Butcher took into consideration 21 leading insurance policies.

Although different conclusions were met on some of the policies, the British High Court ruled in favour of the FCA on many of the key issues including that if Covid-19 was classed as a ‘notifiable disease’.

Free Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims Check

Free BI Claim Check

So What Does This Ruling Mean?

Although the September ruling brings welcomed news for business insurance policy holders it does not mean that their insurer must pay in every case. Each policy will need to be considered on an individual basis against the judgement. Policyholders should hear before the end of the month how this will affect them individually.

There is possibility of the insurers appealing the decision made by the High Court. However, should the appeal go ahead this does not stop the insured from settling their claim before an outcome is reached.

FCA Response

The FCA’s interim chief executive, Christopher Woolard stated that:

British High Court ruled in Favour of the FCA

“We brought the test case in order to resolve the lack of clarity and certainty that existed for many policyholders making business interruption claims and the wider market.”

Mr Woolard continued:

“We are pleased that the court has substantially found in favour of the arguments we presented on the majority of the key issues. Today’s judgment is a significant step in resolving the uncertainty being faced by policyholders.”

Insurers Response

In a statement online Huw Evans, the director general of the Association of British Insurers has said:

“Insurers have supported this fast-track court process led by the FCA to help bring clarity for customers, and we welcome the speed with which the court has delivered a ruling. The judgment divides evenly between insurers and policyholders on the main issues.

The national lockdown was an unprecedented situation that posed understandable questions of interpretation for some business insurance contracts. Insurers always regret any contract dispute with their customers and will continue to reflect on feedback from recent events. We recognize this continues to be a difficult time for many businesses, small and large, and for society as a whole.”

Public Loss Adjusters Response

It is Public Loss Adjusters belief that it is a fundamental principle of insurance that the policyholder is put back in the same position as they were before the loss.

At the start of the Covid-19 pandemic PLA set up a team of experts dealing exclusively with BI Insurance claims offering to review your policy wording, without charge or obligation.

Making a BI claim can often be a long-drawn-out system however we can help to determine if you have a valid claim to make enabling you to quickly get back to business.

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Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims Help – Are You Covered?

Call Our 24 Hour BI Claim Helpline 08000 434 999

Not sure if your insurance policy covers Business Interruption due to the Coronavirus?

We have teams of experienced chartered accountants, in-house legal teams and chartered loss adjusters who specialise in Business Interruption Claims. 

If you would like Public Loss Adjusters to review your policy wording, without charge or obligation, we would be willing to assist you in determining whether cover for business interruption is available.

In the event that your policy is operative, we may be able to assist you in dealing with your claim.

Please fill in our BI Claim Check Form* and one of our experts will be in touch to see if we can help. If you can, please attach a copy of your insurance policy as this will help us to investigate more quickly.

*Due to high demand and low staff levels we are currently only offering a free policy check for businesses with a turnover of £10,000 per week or more. We apologise in advance if we cannot get back to you.

Free Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims Check*

    Free Covid-19 Business Interruption Claims Check

    Free BI Claim Check

    Could Your Home Insurance Be Invalid?

    Tens of millions of British people are risking invalidating their home insurance if they continue to work from home. As of the 1st August 2020 the UK government started to ease the Covid-19 lockdown encouraging people to return to their workplace. Yet, 26% of people are planning to continue working from the safety of their homes on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. It’s said that seven in ten people are unaware that they may need to inform their home insurance provider of changes in their circumstances.

    With over half of customers stating that they have received little to no communication from their insurer. It is understandable why there is confusion about how these changes could impact them.

    Association of British Insurers

    Due to the lockdown the Association of British Insurers (ABI) stated that; “customers would not need to inform their insurer if they work from home while government advice is to do so”. With the government encouraging people to return to work it is unclear if this statement will change. According to the ABI the pledge will evaluated on September 1st. Until then, home insurance “will not be affected regardless of the government’s advice to return to work”. They are also advising customers to inform their insurer as soon as possible if they are continuing to work from home.

    ABI also declared “If you will be receiving visitors to your home on business matters, you should check with your insurer. Business equipment used is likely not to be covered. However, in most cases the employer would be liable for ensuring their equipment is insured away from the office.”

    Urban Jungle CEO, Jimmy Williams has suggested that the inflexibility from some insurers may push customers to consider switching providers. Williams says “What insurers are arguing is that it will change your risks because you might spill more tea on your laptop”

    What Insurers are doing?

    A spokesperson for the Direct Line Group told The Independent “Customers are covered under their home insurance policy to work from home, as long as their work is of a clerical nature, such as using a phone or laptop. Customers do not need to notify us of this change in working pattern.” Yet if the individuals working from home role is not clerical in nature their insurer should be informed and any necessary changes are made.

    Aviva have agreed to “help customers and businesses since lockdown began, we also treat home office equipment as ‘contents’ and would pay up to the contents sum insured for any valid claim. All other policy conditions/terms remain unchanged.” Aviva’s policy remains unchanged after August 1st ease.

    Working From Home has found that they have been a 57% increase to people claiming for accidental damage during the Covid-19 pandemic. The changes to customer behavior may become a challenge for the insurance industry. Mr. Williams stated There have been some interesting changes in behavior. One such change is the one of the top claims now being “I’ve spilt tea on my laptop”.

    He notes that if your business runs out of your home or sell things online, your stock would not be covered, requiring you to have specialist policy.

    Working from home is not without its grey areas. Many companies are offering ‘work-from-home kits’ however these belong to your employer, not you. This may mean that it is not covered by your home insurance. There for these kits are your employer’s responsibility and they are providing them at their own risk.

    Our Response

    Public Loss Adjusters always recommend that if you have any change in circumstances contact your insurer immediately to let them know. Even if your insurer does not acknowledge these changes at the time, you will be able to prove that these have been communicated with them.

    Full article can be found at here.

    Guide To Managing a Commercial Claim

    When a business suffers from a fire, flood or any other insured event, the immediate results can be disastrous. When you submit your insurance claim, would you know what to expect from your insurer or what other help that is available?

    Public Loss Adjusters have produced our helpful guide to managing a commercial insurance claim. If you are unfortunate enough to be in this situation, we can help by managing the complicated insurance claim on your behalf.

    Always Plan Ahead in Case The Worst Happens

    First of all, nobody ever expects to be put in this unfortunate situation but it does happen to many businesses! After you have taken out or renewed your insurance policy and receive your documents you should store them in a safe and secure place.

    Nowadays, most insurers will email your insurance policy to you or provide an online portal where you can log in for quick access. If this is the case, at least make sure you save the email that links to this portal or bookmark the website where it can be accessed.

    Make sure you know all the important contact numbers for your insurer just in case you have to submit a claim. You may also want to keep a record of any out-of-hours contact numbers as well. The best way to do this is by storing them on your mobile phone.

    Ensure that your policy is up to date with your current business needs. Keep in mind that your needs may change as your business grows! Ask yourself if you are still fully covered within every change your business makes? Be sure to check your insurance policy.

    It is better to ask your insurer if you need to change your policy or not. The last thing you need is to find out that you are not covered because your insurance policy has not been altered.

    If you renew your policy annually or regularly change your insurance provider make sure that the contact details you have on file are up to date. When you take out a new policy ensure that any excess is manageable and you are not underinsured if disaster does strike.

    Address Safety Concerns

    After the incident, you are responsible to ensure that your business premises are secure. This will help to prevent further damage, vandalism or theft. You will need to ensure that the property is safe to enter and any immediate dangers are dealt with.

    Public Loss Adjusters can help you by recommending local professionals to carry out emergency building repair works such as securing dangerous areas and boarding up the property.

    Identifying Damaged Contents

    Your insurer may want to examine all damaged items associated with the claim. Keep an inventory of all the contents of the building and take photos of everything including stock.

    Some items may be repairable or it could be the case that it would be cheaper to replace them but do not throw anything out unless you are told to do so.

    Communication is the Key

    In the first instance, you should inform your insurance company, even if it is out of hours. If your place of business is rented, you will need to inform your landlord as they will also have to get in touch with their own insurers.

    Make sure that you inform anyone related to the business of the current situation. This may include customers, staff, suppliers or even other neighbouring businesses. If you are providing services to your customers, reassure them that you can still provide the services that you may be contracted to. If you cannot provide these services explain your situation and let them know as soon as possible.

    Know Your Rights Regarding Insurance Claims Management Services

    Your insurance provider will generally appoint a loss adjuster to provide them with a full assessment of the damage and their potential liability. After meeting you and evaluating the damage the loss adjuster will then report back to your insurer with recommendations of liability how to move forward with the claim.

    Your insurer may appoint a forensic expert who will investigate the cause of the peril. During what could be a lengthy process you may have to wait months to find out if any liability will be accepted.

    Keeping in mind, the loss adjuster will be employed directly or indirectly by your insurance company. In other words, they will be working for them. If you are not happy or are unsure of the loss adjusters findings there may not be much room for negotiations, you will probably won’t be experienced enough to know the best course of action to go forward.

    Many people do not realise that they are perfectly entitled to appoint their own representation to work on their behalf. By appointing an independent loss adjusting company who will have the experience to negotiate with your insurer on your behalf.

    Think about it, your very own loss adjusters will be there to help answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your insurance claim. Your loss adjuster will be able to go back and forth to your insurer and scrutinise every decision they make.

    They will be able to manage the whole claim for you and negotiate the settlement that you are entitled to. Your representative will be able to keep on top of the claim by providing your insurer with all the necessary information they require. In many cases this can dramatically reduce the time it takes for your claim to be settled.

    Mitigation and Interim Payments

    At this stage in your claim your insurer will expect you to do everything you possibly can to mitigate your losses and continue trading.

    The insurance claims process may have begun but you may be under tremendous pressure to keep your business afloat. As a business owner you will still have your day to day responsibilities to your customer, suppliers and staff.

    If your business has had to close down the main aim will be to limit the amount of disruption and get back up and running as soon as possible. During this time, you may have very little cash flow, if any at all so settling your claim quickly is a high priority.

    Once liability has been accepted there still may be some way to go before your claim is fully settled. By appointing your own insurance claims management company one of the advantages could be by helping to speed up the whole process. In many cases they may even be able to negotiate a much-needed interim payment to keep you afloat whilst your claim is ongoing.

    This may help you to replace important items that you need to keep your business running such as machinery and equipment. You may also need help claiming for loss of income if covered within your insurance policy.

    Your own appointed loss adjuster may also help you find suitable accommodation or alternative business premises whilst your claim is ongoing. By appointing you own loss adjuster you will be at an advantage as they will be able to help assist with many of the problems that you may come across.

    Appointing a Chartered Surveyor

    Once liability has been accepted, in preparation of your claim your insurer will appoint a chartered surveyor to provide a detailed scope of works. If you do not own your business premises this may be dealt with through your landlord but you should still be kept informed and up to date.

    If you have appointed your own loss adjusters to manage the claim on your behalf, they can approach your insurer in view to appointing your very own independent chartered surveyor too. Generally, your insurer will agree to cover your independent surveyor’s costs if you have a valid insurance claim.

    Settling Your Insurance Claim

    Your insurance claim should now be at the stage where your insurer will be made aware of most of the costs needed to proceed with your claim:

    • The estimated costs to fully repair the damage to the building including fixtures and fittings
    • The costs to replace or repair machinery and other trade contents
    • The costs to replace any stock that has perished
    • A prediction of business interruption costs

    With larger claims, the next stage would be for the appointed surveyor to put the building works out to tender. With medium sized to smaller claims it is not uncommon for your insurer to ask the policyholder to take on this responsibility.

    Generally, a couple of building contractors would be invited to submit an estimate for the cost of repair work. A company recommended by your insurer may only be working to rates set by your insurer which may not cover the repair costs to its pre-loss standard.

    If you have been asked to do the insurers job by finding your own building contractors, you will need to ensure that any company you approach is fully capable of the job in hand. You may have a company in mind but it is worth considering that repairing a property that has suffered fire or water damage is of a more specialist nature.

    Wouldn’t it be better if a specialist company who are experts in fire and flood restoration were appointed? At Public Loss Adjusters, we would only recommend specialist building companies to ensure the works are carried out to a high standard.

    Based on the building estimates submitted, your insurer can now decide on who to appoint to carry out the restoration work. Now a timescale will be agreed upon for the works to be completed. This will also give your insurer a better idea with estimating the business interruption part of your claim based upon a deadline for the work to be completed by the appointed contractor.

    Meanwhile, other parts of your claim should be able to be calculated rather quickly such as machinery, stock, contents and fixtures and fittings.

    Getting Back to Business

    As soon as the building work is completed, you should now be ready to be a fully operational business again. Although most of your claim will now be finalised, the business interruption part of the claim could still be awaiting completion.

    This may not be finalised until you are fully operational to the level seen before the incident occurred or until the end of the indemnity period.

    Why Choose Public Loss Adjusters?

    This article has been published as an example of some of the many processes of a commercial business claim. Please keep in mind that depending on individual situations, no two cases are ever the same.

    If you were to appoint Public Loss Adjusters to manage your claim on your behalf we would be there for you every step of the way. Once appointed, we will manage all negotiations on your behalf with your insurer and keep you up to date at all times.

    You will be assigned your very own claims manager who will always be available to answer any questions you may have throughout the whole process. Our job is to ensure that you receive a full and fair settlement.

    If you would like to see the real difference between a real insurer lead claim and a Public Loss Adjusters claim please click here.

    Additionally, click this link for more information on business insurance claims.

    To find out how we can help call us now on 08000 434 999 or ask a question through our contact us page. Don’t settle for less – Settle for the best.

    Could Your Insurance Leave You Marooned?

    Public Loss Adjusters Services Recognised in National Press

    The services of Public Loss Adjusters have been acknowledged in a article printed in the Daily Mail and by Miles Dilworth.

    Since the flooding in Fishlake, Doncaster in November of last year, the article highlights many of the problems that policyholders have endured whilst dealing with their insurers.

    The article also mentions the benefits that homeowners who have appointed Public Loss Adjusters are seeing thank to our negotiating skills with their insurers.

    With the unprecedented amount of flooding that has occurred this month we believe this article highlights the importance of appointing PLA at the earliest possible opportunity. This will ensure that your flood claim is managed with your interests put first.

    Read the full article below!

    National Helpline 08000 434 999

    Or Request a Call Back
    Victims From FOUR Months Ago Remain Homeless Because Insurers Are Quibbling Over Repairs
    • Experts slam ‘unhelpful attitudes’ stopping victims getting back on track
    • We speak to families battling insurers months after homes were destroyed
    • In 2016 the Government set up insurance service Flood Re
    • It was supposed to ensure that anyone living in a flood zone could get cover
    • But some homeowners are still being rejected by insurers

    Homeowners recovering from last year’s devastating floods are still fighting to secure insurance payouts while others are nowhere nearer moving back into their homes.

    As parts of Britain face record floods, Money Mail has spoken to families who are battling insurers up to four months after their homes were destroyed.

    Experts have criticised the ‘unhelpful attitudes’ of some firms, which are stopping victims getting their lives back on track.

    Craig Elliott’s bungalow in Fishlake, South Yorkshire, was submerged under 4ft of water after the River Don burst its banks last November.

    He says that he and his wife Mary, 63, are still unable to move back home.

    Craig, 59, says his walls, floorboards and bathroom need to be stripped and replaced because they have been contaminated with sewage.

    But he says Trinity Claims is only offering to put laminate over the floorboards to cover the swelling, patch over damaged plaster and clean the bathroom.

    The retired electrician, who is living in a caravan, says the firm ‘is doing as little as it can’.

    ‘There are 12 bungalows along my street and they’ve all been sorted,’ he adds. ‘They’ve been an absolute nightmare.

    They’re basically trying to bodge my house back together. We haven’t slept for 14 weeks. We’re in bits.

    ‘It’s everything we’ve ever worked for. I had it perfect. I just had a new kitchen fitted. I’d just retired thinking now we can enjoy ourselves a bit. Then this happened and we’re in purgatory.’

    He is insured with Policy Expert, who referred him to Trinity Claims. The father-of-two appointed Public Loss Adjusters to step in for a second opinion on February 13.

    Director Andrew Price says: ‘This is the worst management of a flood claim where liability has been fully accepted I have seen.

    ‘I am also managing the property next door — it was fully stripped out and drying is due to complete next week.’

    Trinity Claims says it found ‘a pre-existing ventilation issue’, which had caused wood decay and was not covered under Craig’s policy. It says there is ‘no physical damage to the bathroom’.

    A spokesman added that once it was granted permission by the homeowner, it would begin work to reinstate the property, including replacing kitchen units, within a fortnight.

    It said work would then be completed within four to six weeks, ‘with all work covered by a two-year guarantee’.

    Mike Rosser’s family home was flooded in Stoney Stanton, Leicestershire, in October. The house is still uninhabitable.

    He says his claims handler Trinity Claims told him his kitchen appliances didn’t need replacing because their motors were above water level.

    But Mike, an engineer, turned his washing machine upside down to show that the motor was at risk and offered to do the same with the tumble drier, dishwasher and fridge-freezer.

    He says Trinity Claims agreed to replace the goods as a result. The father-of-two says it also refused to pay for a replacement kitchen, despite replacing that of a neighbour on an adjacent street, whose water damage was identical.

    Trinity Claims agreed to pay for the family’s accommodation until February 10, the date it said it would have completed the work by.

    Mike, 38, opted to take the cash settlement and do the work himself. Mike says it has left him several thousand pounds out of pocket.

    Trinity Claims says: ‘We have settled Mr Rosser’s claim and paid him the amounts under his policy. He did not raise a complaint with us.’ Mike says he saw no point in raising a formal complaint until he had moved back home.

    Neighbour, Liz Perry, 54, is also still in temporary accommodation. Her home is still too wet for work to begin.

    She says this is partly because she was not advised by Trinity Claims to turn her central heating back on until the end of January.

    February Flooding in the UK
    Flooding has affected properties throughout the UK in February

    Trinity Claims says it told her to do so in November, which she denies. She adds: ‘Even if they had, the gas boiler requires electricity and Trinity had disconnected its electricity supply.’

    Michael Wilson, regional director at insurance dispute company Flaxmans, says he has noted ‘unhelpful attitudes’ from some firms.

    He said of Craig’s case: ‘Any loss adjuster could look at a case like that and find relatively minor issues that they’re going to be awkward on, rather than taking a broad-brush approach and saying this family has experienced a disaster, let’s get them back on their feet.

    But they’re still discussing the basics.’ He added: ‘It’s a fundamental principle of insurance that the policyholder is put back in the same position as they were before the loss.’

    In 2016 the Government set up insurance service Flood Re to ensure that anyone living in a flood zone could get affordable cover.

    But some homeowners are still being rejected by insurers. Heather Shepherd, of the National Flood Forum, says the organisation’s helpline has received hundreds of calls from householders in at-risk areas complaining that insurers won’t cover their homes.

    National Helpline 08000 434 999

    Or Request a Call Back

    Heather, 60, who lives on a farmhouse with her husband near Shrewsbury, decided to test the stories by applying for contents insurance with two insurers ‘with good reputations’ — NFU Mutual and Ecclesiastical.

    She says Ecclesiastical turned her down without giving a reason and she battled with NFU for more than a year before giving up.

    ‘It was one obstacle after another, never admitting that it was because I was in a flood zone,’ she adds. ‘First they said I didn’t have the building insured with them so I agreed to add that.

    Then they said my three cars weren’t with them, so I offered to add those. Then they said one of the cars was too old for them to insure. They were clearly trying to avoid insuring me because I was a flood risk.’

    Flood Re cites research by Consumer Intelligence showing 93 per cent of householders whose properties have been flooded can now find quotes from five or more insurers, compared with none before Flood Re was set up.

    Chief executive Andy Bord says 94 per cent of UK home insurers are signed up to the scheme but ‘the decision on whether to pass the flood element of a specific policy to Flood Re lies with the insurer’.

    NFU says it could not insure Heather because ‘her circumstances did not meet our acceptance criteria’.

    It added that it tried to work with customers to ‘reduce their ‘overall risk profile — for example if they have other assets requiring cover that are not flood affected’.

    Ecclesiastical says it ‘is a specialist insurer offering specialist products and cover in our chosen markets’, adding: ‘All insurance companies have different underwriting acceptance, policies, cover and pricing.’

    An Association of British Insurers spokesman says: ‘It is a sad fact that badly flooded homes and businesses can take months to fully dry out, and insurers will do everything possible to speed up the drying out process, so that the repairs can begin and homeowners and businesses can get their lives back together.’

    Additional reporting: Hugo Cox

    [email protected]

    Source: This is Money

    PLA Featured on The One Show

    Highlighting The Services We Can Offer

    On Tuesday 11th February 2020 The One Show hosted a segment featuring Michael Williamson and Andrew Price from Public Loss Adjusters (PLA). The show highlighted the difference between using an insurers loss adjuster or those who work on behalf of the public.

    The Segment featured current PLA clients who had suffered flood damage to their properties in Fishlake, Doncaster in November 2019. The show highlighted the fact that many people do not know about the kind of services we can offer by having someone working on your side instead.

    The UK’s Massive Flooding Issues

    With the clean-up of the damage left by storm Ciara now well underway thousands of people are already counting the costs. As previous victims of flooding have found, there is still a long way to go before their lives can get back to normal.

    During the past decade flooding has become a growing problem all across the UK. Some of the worst hit areas were Somerset in 2013, West Yorkshire four years ago and South Yorkshire late last year.

    Barry a Fishlake resident who was affected in last Novembers flood said this “It just came so quickly with no time to rescue anything”. Once the water had subsided some people were waiting months for insurance claims to be paid.

    To battle any potential delays, 30 homeowners in Fishlake are turning to the independent loss adjusting firm, Public Loss Adjusters.

    What Is A Loss Adjuster?

    A loss adjuster is somebody appointed by either the insurance company or by the homeowner to manage a claim on their behalf and to look after their interests. While it is common for loss adjusters to work for an insurance company.

    The insurance industry says its rare for individuals to employ them. But why are people doing this? Ultimately, it is because the insurance companies are dealing with volume.

    They have hundreds of claims that they struggle to cope with. Then you become a number. Our objective is to get a claim completed and get the owners back in the house.

    Public Loss Adjusters charge a fee of 10% of the settlement plus VAT, unless the homeowner uses their recommended contractor, in which case that contractor will pay the fee.

    How We Are Helping Barry and Shelia’s Claim.

    The first thing Public Loss Adjusters do when taking on a new claim is inspect the damage. If we take a look at our recent clients Barry and Shelia, there home was flooded, and the flood water reached 3 feet high. There was mold spreading around the corners of rooms. All the wood fixtures and plaster need taking out so the dehumidifiers can concentrate on drying the fabrics in the building.

    The kitchen tiles are cracked showing that the concrete is full of moisture. This shows the extensive damage caused and the massive amount of money it will cost to repair.  Barry and his wife Shelia lived in the property for 17 years. They are now living in temporary accommodation.

    Barry was asked why he choose to use Public Loss Adjusters instead of dealing directly with his insurer. He said this “I think were progressing faster this way you know, I can have someone to talk to rather than you are number 27 in the queue to speak to someone” Before any work could get underway, There was the big problem of Barry’s heating system.

    The oil tank in Barry’s garden had collapsed which lead to the fuel line breaking. This caused an estimated 600 litres of heating oil to be leaked into the house via the flood water. The oil sat in the house for several days!

    Public Loss Adjusters received conservative costs of around £60,000 for the excavation, the treatment and the exposure of the concealed oil. If the oil were to contaminate the foundations, It could be a lot more.

    Public Loss Adjusters are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Barry authorised us to negotiate with his insurance company on his behalf. Barry is convinced that after employing Public Loss Adjusters his claim has been fast tracked.

    Repairs have already been agreed on in principal, but they are going to take a long time to complete. Surveyors told Barry “its going to be at least a year” before they can move back in. Barry is remaining positive however noting that his wife Shelia will “enjoy buying all the new furniture”.

    How PLA Are Helping Mark Sangallo’s Claim

    Another client of ours. Mark Sangallo was also affected by the floods. He had just finished renovating the downstairs of his home when the floods hit. Like Barry, Mark came to us for help speeding up his claim.

    Mark was asked if Public Loss Adjusters have helped him. He said this “Definitely, it takes the pressure off of you chasing the insurers. I know people say you can just ring up, but at the time I don’t want the hassle its better to leave it to them who know”. Marks claim couldn’t be agreed on as the insures needed to also inspect the damage.

    So, he couldn’t do anything at the time. That meant everyday the problems were getting worse. He said this “You get mold upstairs on the lampshades on the bed on the table. If it doesn’t go out soon, I’m guessing it’s going to damage everything else”.

    The loss adjusters working the claim at the time said this “It’s frustrating for us because we can see the damage upstairs happening and we can’t really stop it until we get approval to carry out work.” The other Loss Adjuster said this “If we don’t tackle it soon the bills going to increase”.

    Mark is currently living with family and says it will be at least 10 mounts before he can move back in! But he’s trying to stay positive. “You’ve got to go away from it, Pick your head up, and carry on and just hope everything clicks into place”.

    According to the British Association of Insures anyone effected by flooding should contact their insurance company in the first instance for immediate help and advice.

    This is true, but for you to get the best possible help. Then you should appoint a loss adjuster as early in the claim as possible and not when you start to face issues with the insurer.

    *Transcript taken from The One Show

    Flood Claims! PLA Featured on the BBC!

    Insurance and Loss Adjusting in the Spotlight on the BBC After Doncaster Floods

    Recently, one of our Loss Adjusters, Michael Williamson, conducted an interview on the BBC’s Inside Out program. The show talked about the problems policyholders face with insures and how an Independent Loss Adjuster can assist.

    The programme featured 4 homeowners, all of whom have been affected by the November floods and 3 of whom are Public Loss Adjusters customers, Mr Armstrong, Mr and Mrs Griffin & Mrs Clarkson.

    The show stated that the average value of a flood claim is around £30,000 – this is around 10 times higher than the average property damage claim. Most policyholders in Yorkshire have found it difficult to deal with insurers and have experienced a below par service from them.

    Problematic Insurance Companies?

    Victim of the 2019 Doncaster floods Pat Meadows' home still in disrepair after 3 months

    Mr and Mrs Griffin’s property suffered flood damage which covered their electricity fuse box and resulted in their home being without electricity, other than two plug sockets, however, they were expected to remain in the property.

    Public Loss Adjusters arranged for one of their network contractors to reinstate the electricity supply so that drying could commence at the property whilst the insurance company disputed whether or not they were liable.

    Mr and Mrs Griffin were unaware of the difficulties being experienced in the background in order to get liability accepted. Thankfully, after difficult negotiations with the insurance company, they eventually agreed to pay for the re-wire required at the property.

    Mrs Clarkson’s property was declared dry by Insurer’s appointed representatives. Not satisfied with the service she was receiving, Mrs Clarkson appointed Public Loss Adjusters to act on her behalf.

    We arranged for a trusted, local contractor to inspect the subfloor (which had previously been declared dry) who exposed residual moisture and mould growth. Following the involvement of Public Loss Adjusters, Insurers have agreed that the property was not satisfactorily dried and that additional works are required.

    Mr Armstrong is also a customer of Public Loss Adjusters and we have represented him from the beginning of his claim. Due to our early involvement and the insurance company appointing an experienced Loss Adjuster, the claim has so far progressed well.

    Hiring Your Own Loss Adjuster

    Hiring your own Loss Adjuster will help to ensure that you achieve the best settlement under your insurance policy. Mr Griffin’s Insurers initially declined liability for re-wiring of the property on the grounds that it was not required as a result of the flood.

    Using our experience in interpreting policies and using local and public authority clauses, we were able to put together a professional and qualified response to Insurers to demonstrate that the damage was covered, which saved Mr Griffin thousands of pounds in the process.

    A spokesperson for the Association of British Insurers (ABI) claimed that a Loss Adjuster is “not always required”. However, we believe that if you are facing issues with insurers, a Loss Adjuster is your best option.

    As Michael from Public Loss Adjusters stated on the programme, “We are here to take the emails, take the calls and do the negotiating”. We do not seek to prey on those effected by flooding, but to offer our advice and support when they need it most.

    The ABI are representatives of Insurers and whilst their spokesperson may suggest that a public Loss Adjuster is not always required, we believe that appointing your own professional to assist in a specialised area such as insurance is always beneficial to you as a customer.

    Insurance is a complex contract and, in many cases, can represent the most important contract you may sign to protect your assets. Could you imagine buying a house without the assistance of a Solicitor?

    We are there to ensure that your claim is handled with urgency and that the settlement will cover all the costs of your repairs. If you have been affected by the flooding or are facing issues with your insurance, please get in touch with us by calling 08000 434 999.

    Click Here to watch the program in Full.

    Landlords Urged To Check Insurance Cover!

    PLA Director Gary Rogers recently attended a meeting of the National Landlord Association (NLA) to deliver a powerful message to their members – Make Sure You Check Your Insurance Policy To Ensure You Have The Correct Cover!

    After Gary’s presentation, this is what Karen Gregory, a NLA representative had to say:-

    “I want to thank you for such a thought provoking presentation. Whilst insurance is not the most interesting of subjects it certainly gets people going when they consider they may not have enough or the right type of insurance covering their properties. Several landlords came up to me after the meeting to say that they were certainly going to be checking their policies!”

    As a recognised supplier to the NLA, Public Loss Adjusters offer a free 30 minute consultation to all members in need, who would like advice during an insurance claim related to their property.

    Landlords should always ensure that they have the right amount of insurance cover just in case the worst happens.

    As loss adjusters who work on behalf of the public we are here to ensure that you receive your full entitlement whereas, you may not do so if your claim is managed by your insurers appointed loss adjuster!

    Gary Rogers recommends that first an foremost you check your insurance policy to ensure that you are covered for all eventualities. As a landlord your property portfolio could be a major source of income which you need to protect!

    By having the appropriate cover Public Loss Adjusters are armed with better negotiating power when dealing with your insurers. The last this you want is to have your claim rejected based on something you hadn’t foreseen when you took out your cover.

    If you would like to book a free 30 minute consultation with one of our experts please feel free to call PLA Today on 08000 434 999.

    Mental Health Concerns Due To Insurance Claims

    New Research finds that the after effects of flooding could cause PTSD, Stress and Depression.

    Experts claim that flooding can affect mental health for years after such an event. Victims of flooding have a massive 50% chance of suffering issues such as PTSD, stress and depression. Research states that a quarter of victims still suffer these conditions two years on.

    Most low-income households live on tidal flood plains and according to the Mirror around 61% of these households have no home contents insurance. This creates a huge financial risk if a flood was to happen. During the most recent Flood Action Week, the environmental agency advised householders to “prepare, act, survive.”

    These 3 steps could help preserve your mental health and possibly save your life. It calls for flood plain residents to prepare by moving valuables upstairs and keeping a bag of vital medicine and documents in a safe and dry place that is accessible during a flood.

    Insured But Not Really Covered?

    Public Loss Adjusters contacted Pam Webb who owns the Truffle Lodge in South Yorkshire. She was massively affected in last November’s floods after her spa and hotel was submerged in the floods causing huge amounts of damage.

    Unfortunately, we were unable to help due to her insurance company excluding flood damage from her policy. This is why it is always best to look through your policy just in case events like these happen and make sure you have the necessary cover.

    Pam had underestimated the huge impact this would have on her mental health. The Mirror was able to gather a few words from her about the effects it’s had on her.

    “Doncaster council suggested getting mental health teams in after the floods, I thought that was over the top – but how wrong was I. I’ve had the stress of trying to build a business back up, to provide income for my staff and to recover my home.”

    Where possible, you should always contact us before your insurer! This provides us with the opportunity to gather vital details, so we have the strongest possible claim to ensure you receive your full entitlement. 

    National Helpline: 08000 434 999

    Or Request a Call Back

    Flood Resilience

    Flood resilience campaigner Mary Dhonau has been flooded 12 times, including one time where her home was filled with waist-high sewage.

    She described to the Mirror that living through a flood is “the most appalling experience.” She went on to say that “When you lose your home that layer of safety is taken away from you.” Caroline Douglass of the Environment Agency had this to say to the Mirror “It’s not just the financial stress, it’s the loss of irreplaceable sentimental belongings and the strain on those effected”.

    All in all, it is clear that flooding can take a great toll on mental health, to prevent and mitigate the strain on your mental health during flooding its best to follow whatever your local council advises, even if that means evacuating the area.

    Click here to read the original article from the Mirror Online.

    How Public Loss Adjusters Can Help

    Public Loss Adjusters offer a highly sophisticated claims management service to those who need it.

    In the case of Pam Webb, she was one of the many unfortunate policy holders to be denied any form of pay-out, she had lost everything. Unfortunately, her policy did not cover this type of damage. We believe she did not know this at the time of taking out the policy. This is why we recommend that everybody who takes insurance check that they are covered for all possible events.

    By doing so, Public Loss Adjusters are then able to jump in an assist policy holders where insurers denying settlements based on the wording within that policy which could be interpreted to their advantage. Our job is to argue and interpret your policy’s “grey or misleading areas” back to your favour.

    For large incidents, such as flooding across local communities, we believe having your own loss adjuster is vital as insurance companies will be extremely busy. Otherwise this could cause insurance claims to take longer to process.

    Not only that but during a flood you need to be focused on remaining safe and not dealing with the long tedious processes that come with arguing an insurance claim. We take as much of the stress away as we can by managing your claim on your behalf. Not only do we aim to get you your full entitlement, we will aim to speed the whole process up, where possible by consistently pressuring your insurance provider.

    Let Us Take Your Worries Away

    With expert loss adjusters throughout the whole of the UK we are ready to help you with your insurance claim. If you feel your insurer is not being up-front or if your building repair estimates don’t match up to amount your insurer is offering, then our claims management team can help.

    Our goal is to get YOU your full entitlement! We achieve this through a process that scrutinizes your policy for any clauses and small print to make sure nothing covered in your policy is missed. We also aim to settle claims a lot faster than your insurance company would.

    When we act on your behalf, we manage all negotiations with the insurer. We call you and update you whenever there is new information making sure you are constantly aware of how your claim is going. This significantly reduces any stress or hassle on your behalf whenever you make a claim.

    The best time to appoint us is before you make a claim however the majority of our clients come to us when the begin to face issues with the insurer. To get in touch you can make an enquiry by calling us on 08000 434 999.

    Flood Claims Workshop in Doncaster

    Due to the recent flooding in South Yorkshire, Public Loss Adjusters will be holding 2 insurance claims help workshops in Doncaster. Our aim is to offer help and advice to members of the public in managing their insurance claims.

    Our qualified Loss Adjusters will be present at the two following addresses tomorrow and Wednesday to provide assistance to our customers and members of the public following the devastating floods.

    We request that you bring your policy details with you so we can provide accurate advice.  We can provide free advice on what to expect from your insurers, how best to mitigate your loss and confirm areas of cover that are in place on your policy.

    For those wanting the full Public Loss Adjusting, you will receive full handling and management of your claim to ensure that you are treated fairly by the insurers until satisfactory completion of the claim, if you decide to use one of our builders to complete the work they pay our fee (buildings).  Full terms and conditions can be located on the website or provided by hand.

    Two businesses had kindly agreed to let us use their properties to help the local community: Custom Doors and Windows  & S4All Community Library and Charity Shop

    Please feel free to come along and find out what help is available to you.

    Where To Find Us

    S4ALL Community Library and Charity Shop

    Church Rd, Stainforth, Doncaster, DN7 5PW.

    Workshop Time: 9am – 4pm

    Next door to Post Office.

    Custom Windows & Doors

    Conyers Road, Bentley, Doncaster, DN5 9SU

    Workshop Time: 11am – 3pm

    Tel: 01302 786 330

    Advice On Staying Safe This Bonfire Night

    The Dangers of fireworks

    Every single year, both adults and children are injured and harmed by fireworks and other pyrotechnics in the UK. But did you know that the Department for Business Innovation & Skills stopped collecting firework injury and accident data in 2005? This means that the legislation’s and enforcement’s are much harder to set due to the fact that less data is now shown.

    Firework accident data shows that from 1997-2005, 1048 people on average each year were involved in firework accidents and injuries and in 2005, which was the last recorded data for firework injuries, 990 people were injured by firework accidents.

    Click here to read our guide on what to do in case of a fire.

    Did you know?
    • A rocket can reach 150 miles an hour.
    • A sparkler can reach temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees which is 20 times the boiling point of water.
    • Fireworks are one of the most common causes of house fires in the UK.

    Other than family and friends the home should be the most protected during any sort of firework display.

    What To Do To Stay Safe

    When attending a firework display or holding your own firework display, make sure the firework safety code is followed at all times during the night.

    • Always aim fireworks away from your own home to avoid damage to your house.
    • Always keep fireworks in the box.
    • Don’t drink alcohol if involved in the setting up and setting off fireworks procedure.
    • Only buy and use fireworks with the marked code BS 7114.
    • Follow instructions using any Pyrotechnics.
    • Stand a good distance from the fireworks.
    • All fireworks must be bought and set off by someone over the age of 18.
    • Category 4 fireworks should only be used by professionals.

    In order to keep your house safe during firework displays make sure all the safety practices are followed, also be aware of all the potential fire risks with a plan of how to solve them in a worst-case scenario.

    Public Loss Adjuster Wish You a Safe and Enjoyable Bonfire Night

    At Public Loss Adjusters, we recommend that anyone who will be in the vicinity of fireworks this bonfire night or at any time in the future should take extra care and follow all the necessary procedures. One of the most important measures that needs to be followed is to make sure that any fireworks bought or used have the code BS 7114. Illegal fireworks are a huge cause of accidents during bonfire night. In addition to having the correct fireworks, make sure a keen eye is kept on the position and setting off of the fireworks.

    Public Loss Adjusters hope that you all enjoy Bonfire Night and would like to remind you that if you are unfortunate enough to suffer damage to your property, we are here to help.

    If your property has been affected by a fire due to fireworks, then give our specialist loss adjusters a call and get the entitlement you deserve, rather than settling for less.

    National Landlords Association Supplier

    We are proud to announce that we have teamed up the the National Landlords Association (NLA) by becoming their recognised suppliers. This enables the UK largest and most trusted Loss Adjusting Company to offer insurance claims help to over 41,000 of their full time members. Being the largest membership for private landlords, NLA members range from single property owners to large property portfolios. NLA members can now be assured that we are here to offer assistance if and when required.

    NLA members are assured that if their properties suffer from fire, flood, escape of water or impact damage, we are available with free insurance claim consultations to assist them with insurance claims. We can offer free advice as to how to manage their claim or do what we do best by negotiating with insurers on their behalf.

    We can manage the whole insurance claims process on behalf of landlords by negotiating with insurers to ensure that NLA members receive their full entitlement. Being a busy landlord, our independent loss adjusters are able to take the weight off your shoulders at a time when you need it most.

    Welcome Emma And Andrew To The Team

    Due to significant increase in our client base within the Midlands, Public Loss Adjusters are proud to introduce our new Loss Adjuster and new Operations manager at PLA Midlands branch.

    Andrew Price (Chartered Loss Adjuster)

    Andrew has worked in the insurance industry for over 17 years, with roles including: claims handling and supplier management for a major insurance company. Andrew also has experience working for a building repair network as an operations and technical manager. In recent years Andrew has become a Charted Loss Adjuster who specialises in general domestic, commercial, rental properties and high net worth customers.

    Emma Pearce (Operations Manager)

    Emma has previously been employed as a Legal Secretary at a firm of Solicitors, moving to Ellis May Chartered Loss Adjusters in 2010. At Ellis May Emma undertook roles in Secretary and progressed to Assistant Office Manager. During this period Emma worked to obtain her Cert CILA qualification. Altogether Emma has 9 years of experience working within the insurance industry. Emma has experience working for Adjusters/Surveyors dealing with insurance claims for domestic, commercial, high net worth and rental properties.

    PLA welcome Andrew and Emma into our company and wish them every luck in the future.

    Our New Preferred Building Repair Network

    Latest Announcement:

    We are pleased to announce the appointment of MMS Contracting

    MMS Contracting has been appointed to take over the management and vetting of the approved contractors on the Public Loss Adjusters supplier network. This will enable Public Loss Adjusters to focus on claim liability and handling and supply a faster settlement process to the public.

    All existing contractors on the current PLA suppliers list will automatically be moved to MMS and any new contractor applications will be audited and approved by MMS Contractors Network.
    For further information and the services they offer please visit the MMS Contractors Network Website.

    MMS Contractor Network are an independent management company working to manage and promote their quality builders on a national basis to the public, insurers, and independent loss adjusters in relation to household insurance claim building reinstatement contracts with the public,clients, and insurers interests considered at all time.

    Public Loss Adjusting Group feel this appointment fits with their public loss adjusting interests and supplies a transparent, independent costing and schedule of works to the claims process and are very pleased to welcome MMS on-board as their approved supplier.

    Torrential Rain Hits UK In Early Summer

    In the past week many areas of the UK have been hit with Storm Miguel leaving many locations under water and properties being damaged. Public Loss Adjusters urge property owners to take procedures to make their property more flood resistant.

    There are several ways to make your property flood resistant: you can place flood guards at the bottom of your doors to prevent the water leaking in from the crevasses in the door. You can also clear all your gutters and drains to ensure that there is no build-up of water and that it all runs smoothly away from the property. If torrential rain does strike, make sure you take all valuable and electrical belongings to the higher levels of the property to ensure they are not damaged by the flood.

    We also recommend shutting down the electrical supply to your house whilst the flooding is taking place, so no one is seriously hurt and to also prevent further damage in any electrical components that cannot be moved.

    Our Loss Adjusters Are Here To Help

    If you have been a victim of flash flooding and were unable to prevent water from damaging your property and personal belongings, then Public Loss Adjusters are here to help you.

    We have helped thousands of businesses and property owners to restore their property back to its pre-loss condition. Our main area of expertise is knowing how much it costs, realistically, to restore your property and will negotiate with your insurer on your behalf to ensure you receive the sum that you need. We are here to ensure sure you get the full entitlement that your policy covers to return your house back to its previous condition.

    If you have been affected by flash flooding, then please do not hesitate to give us a call and speak to one of our friendly professional loss adjusters today on 08000 434 999. Don’t settle for less.

    Insurance Claim Help When You Need it Most

    Are You involved in an insurance claim and feel that you are not on the winning side? On the 2nd December 2018, an article published in the Sunday Times was written by James Coney. This is a perfect example of why insurance management companies like ourselves may be able to help. Although Public Loss Adjusters did not manage this claim, this is a perfect example of a claim that we can assist with.

    At the center of this story is the Weldin Family. It begins in April 2017 when the family purchased a house in Devon. They were on holiday when the house suffered a devastating fire. Paul Weldin followed the normal claim route advising his insurance company Ageas of the claim.

    Insurers Refuse The Claim and the FOS Uphold The Decision.

    The building that they owned was originally marketed as a 7 bedroom-house. This included 2 attic bedrooms. Prior to purchase, Paul Weldin established that the attic rooms did not legally constitute as bedrooms as they lacked the building regulatory requirements. The insurer of the house was Ageas and covered it a 5 bedrooms. They refused the claim as they took the view it had 7 bedrooms and was therefore incorrectly described.

    As a result, the family had to live in a tent as the property was unsafe and uninhabitable. With the claim having been denied, Paul Weldin made a formal complaint with the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). Understandably, he believed his claim would be upheld. Unfortunately, FOS refused it on the basis that it was “irrelevant whether or it was not building regulation compliant”

    Receiving no help from their insurers, Ageas and the FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service) the Weldin Family then turned to the media to expose their story. This highlighted the unfairness of the decisions. Ultimately under pressure, Ageas and Paul Weldin reached a confidential compromise agreement.

    Full Details of the Weldin’s Plight Before The Claim Was Settled.

    Read this article published in March 2018 by telling the story of the Weldin family’s plight whilst insurers reject the claim.
    Family in ‘financial ruin’ as insurers refuse to pay out after devastating house fire.

    Another interesting read is found here:
    What an INJUSTICE: Readers slam insurer Ageas for denying a payout to family whose home burnt down… So now will they cough up?

    How Public Loss Adjusters Will Make The Difference

    Public Loss Adjusters are confident that had the Weldin family came to us, they would not have had the same problems? This is exactly the type of claim that we excel on. Many people simply do not know that there is help out there for them.

    As a group of loss adjusters working on behalf of the public, above all we do everything in our power to assist our clients. We have helped a countless amount of clients to win a fair settlement by negotiating with insurers on their behalf.

    Our role is to represent the public in claims of this nature. Above all, we ensure that justice is always achieved. Public Loss Adjusters have the professional expertise in both lawyers, surveyors and loss adjusters. This ensures the successful outcome of your claim. We are here 24 hours a day to protect you and your interests.

    If you have a complicated insurance claim it’s always better to have professionals like us to work on your side. We can ensure the best outcome is always achieved.

    For free advice contact Public Loss Adjusters now on 08000 434 999.

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    Thank you so much Michael even though these words are far less for you. Anyone who is thinking twice please don’t hesitate you won’t regret it you will be in best hands possible I promise you.

    Maya Odedra

    Thanks to them we got our claim and everything worked out. They are all so friendly and honest and always there for us when we needed them on the phone or in person. Thank you so much. Really appreciate what you did for us.

    Michele Desmond

    Within 1 month of being appointed, he had secured an offer 10 times greater than the insurance company's original offer to us in settlement. Very professional service throughout. I would thoroughly recommend PLA.

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