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Loss Adjusters CambridgePublic Loss Adjusters are an Independent Claims Management Company with over 75 years of combined experience as Loss Assessors and Loss Adjusters. We work on behalf of YOU the public as the insured, instead of the Insurance Companies, to maximize YOUR potential claim. PLA provide professional help with insurance claims for both household claims and commercial claims.

We believe YOU, as our client, deserve the same level of professional advice and experienced knowledge that your Insurance Company will have. Public Loss Adjusters advise all our potential clients that they would not appear in court or attempt to buy a house without THEIR appointed legal or similar advisor being present, WHY would dealing with an insurance claim be considered any differently? PLA’s local professional claims management team cover all aspects of the drying and restoration, and the repair of fire damage, smoke damage, storm damage, flood damage, water damage and all other insurance repairs.

We also deal with burglary claims and emergency call-outs such as burst pipes, impact or accident damage. Public Loss Adjusters are able to provide building estimates or quotes for all aspects of your insurance claim via their recommended network of authorised and approved contractors. We believe YOU, as our client, deserve the same level of professional advice and experienced knowledge that your Insurance Company will have.

PLA advise all our potential clients that they would not appear in court or attempt to buy a house without THEIR appointed legal or similar advisor being present, WHY would dealing with an insurance claim be considered any differently? At Public Loss Adjusters we are proud to say that we sign up 95% of the potential clients we speak to, as the client can immediately recognise the benefit of using a professional Claims Management Company, such as ourselves when dealing with any potential insurance claim.

As a leading professional Claims Management Company, we are fully regulated and authorised. Many of our Claims Managers are fully qualified to the highest possible standards and have worked in a similar capacity for mainstream Insurance Companies for at least 20 years. Due to this, PLA has an extremely well-respected reputation in this field.

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We cover all of Cambridge and surrounding areas:

  • CB1 Cambridge (Central, South)
  • CB1 Teversham (parts of)
  • CB2 Cambridge (West)
  • CB3 Cambridge (North-West)
  • CB3 Girton
  • CB4 Cambridge (North)
  • CB5 Cambridge (East)
  • CB6 Aldreth
  • CB6 Apes Hall
  • CB6 Chettisham
  • CB6 Coveney
  • CB6 Ely
  • CB6 Haddenham
  • CB6 Little Downham
  • CB6 Little Thetford
  • CB6 Littleport
  • CB6 Mepal
  • CB6 Pymore
  • CB6 Stretham
  • CB6 Sutton
  • CB6 Wardy Hill
  • CB6 Wentworth
  • CB6 Wilburton
  • CB6 Witcham
  • CB6 Witchford
  • CB7 Barway
  • CB7 Brandon Bank
  • CB7 Brandon Creek
  • CB7 Broad Hill
  • CB7 Chippenham
  • CB7 Down Field
  • CB7 Ely
  • CB7 Fordham
  • CB7 Isleham
  • CB7 Prickwillow
  • CB7 Queen Adelaide
  • CB7 River Bank
  • CB7 Soham
  • CB7 Stuntney
  • CB7 Upware
  • CB7 Wicken
  • CB8 Ashley
  • CB8 Brinkley
  • CB8 Burrough End
  • CB8 Burrough Green
  • CB8 Carlton
  • CB8 Cheveley
  • CB8 Clopton Green
  • CB8 Cowlinge
  • CB8 Dalham
  • CB8 Denston
  • CB8 Ditton Green
  • CB8 Dullingham
  • CB8 Dunstall Green
  • CB8 Exning
  • CB8 Gazeley
  • CB8 Great Bradley
  • CB8 Kennett
  • CB8 Kentford
  • CB8 Kirtling
  • CB8 Kirtling Green
  • CB8 Lady’s Green
  • CB8 Landwade
  • CB8 Lidgate
  • CB8 Moulton
  • CB8 Newmarket
  • CB8 Kirtling Green
  • CB8 Lady’s Green
  • CB8 Landwade
  • CB8 Lidgate
  • CB8 Moulton
  • CB8 Kirtling Green
  • CB8 Lady’s Green
  • CB8 Landwade
  • CB8 Lidgate
  • CB8 Moulton
  • CB8 Newmarket
  • CB8 Ousden
  • CB8 Saxon Street
  • CB8 Six Mile Bottom
  • CB8 Snailwell
  • CB8 Stetchworth
  • CB8 Stradishall
  • CB8 Thorns
  • CB8 Upend
  • CB8 Westley Waterless
  • CB8 Wickhambrook
  • CB8 Woodditton
  • CB9 Barnardiston
  • CB9 Great Thurlow
  • CB9 Great Wratting
  • CB9 Haverhill
  • CB9 Helions Bumpstead
  • CB9 Kedington
  • CB9 Little Bradley
  • CB9 Little Thurlow
  • CB9 Little Wratting
  • CB9 Steeple Bumpstead
  • CB9 Sturmer
  • CB9 Withersfield
  • CB10 Ashdon
  • CB10 Church End
  • CB10 Great Chesterford
  • CB10 Great Sampford
  • CB10 Hempstead
  • CB10 Hinxton
  • CB10 Howlett End
  • CB10 Ickleton
  • CB10 Little Chesterford
  • CB10 Little Sampford
  • CB10 Little Walden
  • CB10 Radwinter
  • CB10 Red Oaks Hill
  • CB10 Saffron Walden
  • CB10 Sewards End
  • CB10 Wimbish
  • CB10 Wimbish Green
  • CB11 Arkesden
  • CB11 Audley End
  • CB11 Clavering
  • CB11 Debden
  • CB11 Debden Green
  • CB11 Duddenhoe End
  • CB11 Elmdon
  • CB11 Langley
  • CB11 Littlebury
  • CB11 Littlebury Green
  • CB11 Newport
  • CB11 Pond Street
  • CB11 Quendon
  • CB11 Rickling
  • CB11 Rickling Green
  • CB11 Shortgrove
  • CB11 Starling’s Green
  • CB11 Strethall
  • CB11 Upper Green
  • CB11 Wendens Ambo
  • CB11 Wicken Bonhunt
  • CB11 Widdington
  • CB21 Fulbourn
  • CB21 Great and Little Wilbraham
  • CB21 West Wratting
  • CB21 Weston Colville
  • CB21 Teversham (parts of)
  • CB21 Abington (incl. Little)
  • CB21 Hildersham
  • CB21 Bartlow
  • CB21 Hadstock
  • CB21 Horseheath
  • CB21 Shudy Camps
  • CB21 West Wickham
  • CB21 Castle Camps
  • CB21 Balsham
  • CB21 Linton
  • CB22 Babraham
  • CB22 Sawston
  • CB22 Pampisford
  • CB22 Duxford
  • CB22 Whittlesford
  • CB22 Great and Little Shelford
  • CB22 Stapleford
  • CB22 Harston
  • CB22 Barrington
  • CB22 Hauxton
  • CB22 Newton
  • CB22 Foxton
  • CB23 Cambourne
  • CB23 Barton
  • CB23 Comberton
  • CB23 Harlton
  • CB23 Great and Little Eversden
  • CB23 Bourn
  • CB23 Highfields Caldecote
  • CB23 Coton
  • CB23 Haslingfield
  • CB23 Kingston
  • CB23 Hardwick
  • CB23 Toft
  • CB23 Longstowe
  • CB23 Madingley
  • CB23 Dry Drayton
  • CB23 Papworth Everard
  • CB23 Lolworth
  • CB23 Bar Hill
  • CB23 Elsworth
  • CB23 Knapwell
  • CB23 Conington
  • CB23 Boxworth
  • CB23 Caxton
  • CB23 Papworth Saint Agnes
  • CB24 Histon
  • CB24 Impington
  • CB24 Oakington
  • CB24 Longstanton
  • CB24 Willingham
  • CB24 Swavesey
  • CB24 Over
  • CB24 Fen Drayton
  • CB24 Milton
  • CB24 Rampton
  • CB24 Cottenham
  • CB25 Cottenham
  • CB25 Landbeach
  • CB25 Rampton
  • CB25 Histon
  • CB25 Impington
  • CB25 Burwell
  • CB25 Swaffham Bulbeck
  • CB25 Swaffham Prior
  • CB25 Stow-Cum-Quy
  • CB25 Bottisham
  • CB25 Lode
  • CB25 Waterbeach
  • CB25 Horningsea
  • CB25 Chittering

Public Loss Adjusters are Here to Help – Contact Us Today

Public Loss Adjusters are the experts when it comes to property damage claims. We will work fully on your behalf and ensure that you receive the best settlement available from your insurer.

Our senior Loss Adjusters have over 75 years combined experience and will use their expertise to your benefit. Call us now on 08000 434 999 to enquire about our FREE Loss Adjusting Service or Fill out the form below and one of our claims management experts will reply as soon as possible.

National Helpline 08000 434 999

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Free loss adjusting services

Free Loss Adjusting

In most cases our loss adjusting services are provided at no cost to you. If you appoint one of our recommended specialist building contractors, they will cover our fees on your behalf.

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Insurance Claims Management Services

Insurance Claims Management

We offer a full insurance claims management service. We negotiate all the difficult parts of your insurance claim as well as the bit your insurer may not tell you about.

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Aspects we cover

Aspects We Cover

Our claims managers cover ALL aspects of property insurance claims. Specialising in commercial and domestic claims, we have advisors and loss assessors who have a wealth of experience.

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Public Loss Adjusters Are FCA Regulated & CILA Members

Ensure Your Settlement Is Secure

You as a client should ALWAYS verify that any party representing you OR the insurers is registered with the FCA, and permitted to mediate your insurance claim visit www.fca.org.uk  to check on any firm or individual.

As an authorised firm, unlike many of our competitors, we are approved and regulated by the FCA to mediate insurance claims and as part of the FCA permissions we hold and administer client funds via a segregated Client Account in accordance with the FCA CASS rules. This provides the client with the assurance that we are able to act as their representative and will do so in a professional and ethical manner at all times and are able to ensure that client funds are safeguarded.

BE AWARE any company which is NOT directly FCA registered or regulated but is operating under an umbrella cover from an FCA associated company does NOT have any direct authority to hold and control YOUR money and in order to have the FCA umbrella cover fees will have to be paid, directly or indirectly for the privilege which does not permit the use of a Client Account and as such the policyholder(s) may be at risk.

The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters

As insurance loss adjusters, we are also a CILA Chartered Firm (The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters) – this provides an extra level of professional qualification when we deal with your insurer, as we are fully compliant with all aspects of the changes to the law surrounding the management of insurance claims in respect of the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representation) Act [2012]; the Insurance Act [2015] and the relevant section 13A of the Enterprise Act [2016] which imposes a duty upon insurers to make prompt payment of claim.

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    Why Choose Us?
    • Free Loss Adjusting Service in Most Cases

    • Nationwide Company - Friendly Local Approach

    • We Only Recommend Fully Qualified Contractors

    • 24 Hour Nationwide Helpline

    • We Work For You NOT Your Insurer

    • Settlement Figure Higher in Most Cases

    • Option of Cash Settlement For 10% Fee

    Why Choose PLA?
    We cover the whole of the UK

    Customer Testimonials


    Absolutely the right thing to do - Get these guy's involved in your claim. I was amazed at how proficient and professional they were. They handle everything for you and advise you every step of the way.


    Amazing, fantastic! I cannot really express my gratitude to Glenn and the company enough. Trust me, I never really write reviews but if you instruct a PLA and are lucky enough to get Glenn it will be best money you have ever spent.


    Michael Williamson was absolutely fantastic when I initially contacted PLA. He ensured my claim was paid to me in full. He was instrumental in getting my claim looked at properly by the insurers agent at Sedgwick. My gratitude to you Michael. Would award more than 5 stars for your help in a difficult claim.

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