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Enduring a fire, flood or any other type of damage to your commercial property can have disastrous consequences to your business. It is imperative that your insurance claim is settled and your property is repaired as soon as possible so you can resume normal operations. The Longer you are closed the more business you stand to lose.

Public Loss Adjusters understand this and work with the urgency you require whilst maintaining complete professionalism to ensure you are back up and running in the shortest time possible.

Not only can we offer our loss adjusting services at no cost to you*, we will keep the pressure on your insurers to make sure that there are no hold ups with your claim. As soon as we get approval from your insurer we can recommend one of our preferred nationwide building contractors to reinstate your commercial property and get you back in business.
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Insurance Appointed Loss Adjuster or One That is Independent?

You will be well prepared in the eventuality of damage to your commercial property by taking out an insurance policy to cover such events. After paying your insurance premiums year after year it is now time make a claim. Will your insurer be so forthcoming with you now that you need them to provide the services you have been paying for?

The bad news is that without our help, you could now have to endure a lengthy insurance claims process whilst trying to support yourself financially, not to mention any of your employees that are relying on a wage to support their families.

Your insurance provider will appoint a loss adjusting company to assess the situation on their behalf. More than likely the appointed loss adjuster will tell you that they are separate and impartial to the insurance company, in reality this may not be the case, after all, who is paying their wages?

Your insurer will then present you with an offer in which they believe is reasonable. However what they think is reasonable may be a long way off the financial settlement in which YOU consider to be acceptable to cover your losses and repair your property to its pre-loss condition.

We Put Your Interests First

Did you know that you have the right to employ an independent loss adjuster who will be working to protect your interests rather than your insurer? Public Loss Adjusters have an abundance of experience with business insurance claims management and it is our job to ensure that you receive your FULL ENTITLEMENT.

As Loss Adjusters and claims handlers, our main objective is to work for your best interests entirely. Our loss team of specialists are professionally accredited in claim negotiations and are thoroughly confident that they will get YOU what you are fully entitled to under your policy’s terms and conditions.

Public Loss Adjusters can represent your business during the whole process of the claim, taking away the stress you are having to endure. We are here WORKING FOR YOU!

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