Broker Vision Live


Broker Vision Live has been developed by Public Loss Adjusters following a meeting in 2008 where over 40 delegates from all aspects of the insurance industry were introduced to the “Public Loss Adjusters Alternative”, a refreshing new approach to claim handling with the Policy holder as the primary consideration.

In order for our vision to be introduced to potential clients who may experience a valid claim event we decided to develop a monitoring system which enables insurance brokers the ability to monitor the progress of any claim belong to their clients with total transparency and a fair and open policy.

Broker Vision Live delivers the following benefits.

  • Faster Claims Settlement
  • Nil Cost to Broker to make this exclusive service available to commercial and domestic clients
  • Ability to answer all queries with accurate and up to date information available at a click of a button
  • Professional representation by Public Loss Adjusters and the Broker leading to policyholder satisfaction and higher client retention and policy renewal
  • Broker Vision Live is NOT available to any online brokerage/provider, giving you a professional edge in a very competitive market
  • All Marketing and Client literature is provided free of charge
  • 24/7 Call centre available to brokers and their clients, to deal with all claims.
  • Complete claims transparency
  • Claim mitigation is available within 4 Hours, anywhere in the U.K
  • Passive fee incomes to the broker 10% of Public Loss Adjusters claim management fee pass back to the broker
  • Full U.K. coverage for all trades by vetted contractors
  • Professional representation of the client at a time when such support is critical to the swift and rapid response of all claim management matters with the cost, which can be excessive, usually covered by our contractor management fees and not deducted from the claim settlements

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