To, Hilton & Whittle Construction.

Our house was flooded on May 2018 due to an unusual weather event that effected some 200+ houses in the immediate area. The flood water reached a depth of apprioximitely 2 feet throughout our house, causing substantial damage to all furnityre, walls and flooring on the ground floor.

As our claim was being handled by our own very capable loss adjusters (Public Loss Adjusters), who arranged for the reinstatment work on our house, I am very gratedul to them that they appointed Rob and Roy to carry out the referbishment of our ground floor. The flooding was a very stressful situation to find ourselevs in and we were at the mercy of Rob and Roy the we could place out trust in them to carry out the work while we we were not present as we were living in temorary accommodation.

When my wife and I met Rob and Roy for the first tome at our house, to go through the work that would be carried out, it became clae that they had a positive, enthusastic attitude, a professional apptoach to getting the job done and an ability to quickly understand what we wanted by always seeking our opinion while providing excellent advice. To say the stress was relieved in us, after the first meeting, was an understatment;we came away with not only the condidence to trust them and know our house was in good handsm but to feel we were going to go through the referbishment process as part of the team with them.

That confidence, trust and teamwork grew throughout the time Rob and Roy worked on our house. Each step of the way, they contacted us to come back to our house and inspect their work while giving us the opportunity to change anything we thought fit.

On the rear occasion we did, their customer focus was exceptional- We really were part if the team. An example of this was when they introduced us to the painter and decorator, Curtis Crithers, who was assigned to work on our house. Like Rob and Roy, Curtis displayed all the qualities you would want; attentive polite and professional. They all worked with us to determine the colour schemes that would work best for us – an attention to detail; we felt went the extra mile.

The icing on the cake for use was when Rob and Roy completed their work and left our house for the last time: our next-door neighbour (who moved back home before we did) text me to tell me how considerate, polite and friendly they were!

To summarise, the quality of the work carried out on the house was truly outstanding. Rob and Roy’s attitude and approachability were first class. I have no hesitation in recommending these very professional guys who have a vast range of technical skills.

They worked incredibly hard and the result is outstanding

Brendan & Helen McCollum
Brendan & Helen McCollum