Recently, a large number of fridge freezers have been catching on fire in people’s properties and putting a high number of people at risk. There is more than one fridge freezer fire every week, there have been 7 deaths and 71 serious injuries caused by the malfunctioning of fridge freezers since 2010 in England.

We urge people who might not be too sure if they are at risk to contact the maker of the fridge freezer and ask them if there have been any incidents with your model, and if so if you can prevent it or they can do something to help.

Fridge freezers are a major concern to us as they contain a high amount of plastic and extremely flammable insulation, which, if ignited, can cause a very large rapidly forming fire that spreads at a rapid rate, giving off highly toxic gas.

Most fridges’ door panels and sides are covered in metal, which provides more protection to you and your property if a fire does happen to start. But many are still built with plastic, which offers very little protection. We urge anyone who has a plastic covered fridge freezer to think about acquiring a new one covered with metal as you might be at risk.

Make sure that all of your fire alarms are working to the highest of their potential and also that you have enough fitted for your property to ensure everyone’s safety. If you are purchasing a new fridge freezer, then we urge you to always check if there have been any incidents with the certain models in the past and also to check if the brand has any incidents with any products they have sold. Also, always check to see if the fridge is metal covered or plastic covered as the difference may save a life.

Public Loss Adjusters Are Here For YOU

If your fridge freezer has caught fire and caused damage to your property, before you call your insurer call Public Loss Adjusters first. Our job is to negotiate with your insurer to ensure that you receive your full entitlement. If you allow us to appoint our preferred building contractors, our fees are covered by them. Otherwise we charge 10% (+vat) of your final settlement.

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