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Public Loss Adjusters (PLA) and its professional personnel have been working in the insurance industry since 1971 the principal directors having worked successfully together in insurance claims handling, loss adjusting, surveying services and approved contractor services to insurers for over 65 years (combined) helping to establish one of the UK and Ireland’s leading insurance claims management companies.

Having worked together for many years, in 2007 it was decided to formally join forces to provide a full complete claims management service to the insurance industry and individual clients (Broker Vision Live), with an emphasis on fairness and transparency for the insured client providing YOU, the client with full access to all communications between ourselves and your insurer including estimates; approvals; telephone conversation summaries; emails; meeting summaries and final costing, via our online interactive claims management service.

We are the first and only Chartered Loss Adjuster/Claims Management company in the United Kingdom who work exclusively for the Policyholder and offer this unique service to you the client, ensuring there is absolutely no conflict of interest. The majority of U.K. based loss adjusters or their companies are paid by the insurance companies to mitigate and/or repudiate a potential insurance claim, their loyalty and expert advice is to and for the insurer NOT the insured client.

Public Loss Adjusters. Dont settle for less, settle for the best

This creates a potential ‘Conflict of Interest’ which is covered by the FCA Guidelines which govern the business practices of insurance companies and/or their representatives. As a Chartered (CILA) Loss Adjusting firm, PLA, (who do not work for the insurance companies and therefore avoid any conflict of interest) are able to represent YOU the policyholder without any alternative agenda.

PLA has grown to be a national Public Loss Adjusting Group company employing the expert services of leading professionals and companies already approved and used by the majority of U.K. insurance companies.

Further, when a loss adjuster appoints a contractor/supplier from THEIR panel of approved parties, in some if not most cases, these same parties are owned, controlled by the same loss adjusting group(s) or they have an interest in the network of contractors/suppliers, with fees and/or discounts applied over and above the fees paid by your insurance company to the loss adjusters for them to act on their behalf, and it is this affiliation which potentially creates the conflict of interest which is important to be aware of.

Once PLA are appointed we handle ALL negotiations, meetings and any other matters relating to a claim, you the client are only required to provide any documentation or information requested by the insurers. PLA will work with you to prepare any matters and acting as YOUR authorised representative will deal with the insurers and all other parties on your behalf.

Public Loss Adjusters are able, in most cases, to work on a NO WIN “ NO FEE basis, if a valid claim is settled and the reinstatement of the building works and related matters are carried out by one or more of PLAs approved warranted contractor network/suppliers. YOU and your insurer do not pay any fees as our costs and fees are covered by the approved and authorised contractors and suppliers.

Obviously, Public Loss Adjusters can only negotiate what is available under the terms and conditions of your policy, but where there may be sections subject to interpretation, you will be given the best possible assistance to negotiate or put forward your point of view. PLA’s mission statement is to obtain “100% of what a Policyholder is entitled to and NO more!”

If however, your decision is to accept a cash settlement following PLA’s professional advice and assistance/management of the claim, then and only then is a fixed fee of 10% of the final settlement value of the reinstatement portion of the claim is due and payable. This is our fee for acting for you, and covers our professional services and costs, which would normally be covered via the contractors network arrangements.

This fee will be invoiced by PLA to you the client and deducted from the settlement amount paid by the insurer to yourself via the PLA Clients Account which is part of the FCA compliance and regulated aspect of any claim handled by PLA, the balance of the total settlement amount less any excess will be paid to you by cheque or direct to your bank via BACS transfer.

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