Public Loss Adjusters & Loss Assessors.

Working For You – Not Your Insurer!

Our independent loss adjusters and loss assessors are here to help manage your property damage claim. We negotiate a full and fair settlement on your behalf and turn the claim to YOUR ADVANTAGE. By appointing us, we take care of every aspect of your insurance claim ensuring that you have less to worry about.

If your home or business has suffered from the effects of fire, flood, escape of water, impact, or even storm damage, we are the experts who offer help with insurance claims.

Help making insurance claims better for you.Insurance Claims Management Experts

We are a CILA Chartered Firm* (The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters) of over 30 experienced insurance claims management specialists. Our two senior claims managers have over 75 years of combined experience. We cover ALL aspects of insurance claims management relating to property damage.

Our team of qualified and skilled personnel comprises individual specialists covering independent loss adjusters, desktop claims handlers, project managers, independent surveyors & BDMA or equivalent drying & restoration specialists.

With our regional offices, claim managers, and supporting contractor networks, with over 100 local project management designated centres, this ensures that we can offer you the client, a truly national service at any time of day or night. Our UK-based 24/7 call centre staff are ready to take your call when it is needed the most when a claim event occurs, and we are able to respond quickly and professionally.

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Don’t Settle For Less!

Many people who get in touch with us do so because they are disappointed with their insurer or even the loss adjuster that they appoint. By just hoping that your insurer will be forthcoming with your insurance claim is simply not enough. You may need an independent loss assessor to help out.

Your insurer could offer you a cash settlement that you know right away will not be enough to repair the damage caused to your home or business. That may be when the panic starts to set in! Our experts will know how much your claim is really worth and will negotiate accordingly.

You may even be asked to obtain building repair quotes but suddenly find out that many builders are unwilling to oblige. After all, they probably will not be appointed by your insurer to reinstate your property anyway. We can take care of this for you with our recommended network of specialist restoration contractors.

Our Claims Management Services

Free loss adjusting services

Free Loss Adjusting

In most cases our loss adjusting services are provided at no cost to you. If you appoint one of our recommended specialist building contractors, they will cover our fees on your behalf.

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Insurance Claims Management Services

Insurance Claims Management

We offer a full insurance claims management service. We negotiate all the difficult parts of your insurance claim as well as the bit your insurer may not tell you about.

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Aspects we cover

Aspects We Cover

Our claims managers cover ALL aspects of property insurance claims. Specialising in commercial and domestic claims, we have advisors and loss assessors who have a wealth of experience.

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Help with fire insurance claims

Help With Fire Insurance Claims

We’re experts in managing fire insurance claims. With our tremendous success rate, we will exceed your expectations ensuring the whole process draws to a conclusion swiftly and efficiently.

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Help with flood insurance claims

Help With Flood Insurance Claims

When it comes to flood insurance claims, our loss assessors are here to ensure you are equipped with our expert knowledge. This ensures your flood claim is negotiated, settled fully and fairly.

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Help With Home Insurance Claims

Home Insurance Claims

We will do all we can to manage your home insurance claim as efficiently as possible without cutting any corners. We love nothing more than obtaining the best possible settlement we can, on your behalf.

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Business Insurance Claims

Business insurance claims need to be managed with the upmost urgency ensuring the result is favourable to you. Your business is your livelihood and your staff and customers depend on you.

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Loss Assessors Fees

Loss Assessors Fees

Our fees are normally charged at 10% of the final settlement with no upfront costs. Our aim is to gain you a settlement that more than covers our costs in comparison to going direct to your insurer.

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Submit and enquiry and request a call back

Request a Call Back

Property damage? Why not submit your claim enquiry online today? Even if you are just looking for a little bit of advice, we are more than happy to call you back and assist in any way we possible can.

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Insurance Appointed or an Independent Loss Adjuster?

Find Out the Difference

The Complete Insurance Claims Management Service

We can recommend some of the leading specialised restoration companies in the UK. This ensures that your property is restored to the highest of standards. If you appoint one of our recommended building contractors, they cover our fees on your behalf. If you prefer a cash settlement, we can provide this service on a no-win no fee basis.

When appointed as your expert representative, our insurance claims management specialists are here to help. Public Loss Adjusters are with you every step of the way. To us, our job is simple, to make sure you receive your full entitlement.

We do this by simply managing your insurance claim from start to finish whilst negotiating a full and fair settlement. We ensure that anything you are entitled to, you will receive. Generally, the earlier we can get involved with your claim, the better results we can achieve.

Let Us Assist With Your Claim Today

Having Problems with your insurance-appointed Loss Adjuster or need help with your insurance claim?

We believe that it’s a fundamental principle of insurance that the policyholder is put back in the same position as they were before any damage occurred.

Please feel free to view our testimonials and then get in touch to see the difference we can make on your insurance claim? Even if you just need a little advice, we are happy to assist. Call our insurance claims experts today on 08000 434 999

Why Are Our Services Better Than The Competition?

Receive 100% of Your Entitlement – Don’t Settle For Less!

Our claims professionals work to ensure that you receive 100% of your entitlement. We believe that your settlement should always be enough to cover the full reinstatement of your property. If you are covered for any other expenses such as lost business income, alternative accommodation, or anything else, we will ensure that it is included in your settlement, according to the terms of your insurance policy.

An Insurance Claims Company That Is Always Available

We know that disaster can strike at any time no matter what day or night. That’s why we are available to contact for all your emergency needs. Feel free to contact us now on 08000 434 999 on landline or 0333 7333 999 on mobile. Even if you are just in need of some advice – we are happy to help.

Loss Adjusters Working Exclusively on Your Behalf

We are independent loss adjusters who work for you – not your insurer. We take over the entire insurance claims management process ensuring that your claim is dealt with fairly. We will communicate and negotiate tirelessly with your insurance company, keeping you up-to-date on every decision and correspondence with your insurer. With us managing your entire claim you can simply relax and await your full entitlement.

Here For You from Start to Finish

We manage the entire claims process from start to finish. From the moment you appoint a loss adjuster from PLA to your claim being settled, we are there for you providing the service that you deserve. Our job is only completed when you sign our customer satisfaction mandate. This ensures that you are completely happy with the full range of services that we have provided.

Authorised, Regulated and Trusted

We are fully regulated under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and as such are approved to hold and administer client funds through a segregated client account. This ensures that your money is protected. We are a CILA Chartered Firm (The Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters). All our loss assessors are extensively qualified to deal with any property insurance claim.

Insurance Claims Management Services for Free?

We can offer our insurance claims management services at no cost to you, if you appoint one of our recommended building contractors. These specialists have an abundance of experience in dealing with all types of peril relating to property reinstatement. Our Loss Assessors manage fire claims, flood claims, theft claims as well as impact damage claims.

Loss Assessor Near Me?

Full Area Coverage

Our Free Insurance Claims Management Service

All claims handling or insurance mediation will carry a cost either paid by insurers or paid for by the public/insured. Whether it be the insurance companies loss adjuster whose fees are paid by the insurance company to look after their interests, or a public loss adjuster appointed by you to look after your interests. Almost all loss adjusters appointed by insurers have their own building networks either owned or managed by them. This is not true in all cases but in the vast majority and should be disclosed to client at the outset of their claim…

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We Are Your Professional Insurance Experts

Public Loss Adjusting Group act ONLY for the client, independently of the insurers. We provide the professional advice and protection which the client is entitled to during any insurance claim. We act as YOUR professional experienced insurance expert, working in your best interests. This ensures that you receive the total amount due under the terms of your insurance policy.

As a Public Loss Adjuster, We provide the same type of professional service that the legal profession provide during any actions or during the settlement of any major financial event, such as purchasing a home or settlement of an estate etc. We always ask WHY would handling an insurance claim be considered any differently to these very similar events?

Very few people would consider going to court or even talking to the opposing counsel without their own professional representative being present. If you use our approved and preferred contractors we provide our professional services, no fee is charged in most cases.

Here at PLA we provide the same level of expert advice that the insurers will have from their appointed representatives. As such, you are working on a level playing field. You will receive the full settlement to which you are entitled. Our claims management experts cover all areas available to argue the case if the insurer attempts to mitigate or reduce the claim value for whatever reason.

REMEMBER, if you choose to use the PLA alternative method of dealing with YOUR claim, in most cases we will provide their full services FREE OF CHARGE to YOU the Policyholder!

*Our 2 most senior directors are members of CILA.

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    Why Choose Us?
    • Free Loss Adjusting Service in Most Cases

    • Nationwide Company - Friendly Local Approach

    • We Only Recommend Fully Qualified Contractors

    • 24 Hour Nationwide Helpline

    • We Work For You NOT Your Insurance Company

    • Settlement Figure Higher in Most Cases

    • Option of Cash Settlement For 10% Fee

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    We cover the whole of the UK

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    Absolutely the right thing to do - Get these guy's involved in your claim. I was amazed at how proficient and professional they were. They handle everything for you and advise you every step of the way.


    Amazing, fantastic! I cannot really express my gratitude to Glenn and the company enough. Trust me, I never really write reviews but if you instruct a PLA and are lucky enough to get Glenn it will be best money you have ever spent.


    Cannot speak more highly of this company. They have supported me throughout my home insurance claim that was being badly dealt with by my insurers. When Nick got involved, things turned around so quickly. I needed a hand-holding, it’s exactly what I got. Superb company.

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